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The episode starts with Sakshi asking Bikram to take care of the company when Indu comes there. Sakshi asks her about Payal and she says she would come. Bindiya’s family comes as guests but none greets them in which hurts them. Indu finds neighbours coming home and Indu wondered who invited them. She’s worried about the drama. Bindiya’s family is even more hurt when Indu and family invites the neighbours and make them sit. They say that they got to know that they are conducting Ganesh Pooja and so thought to join. Indu and Sakshi saks the servants to serve drinks and snacks for the guests. As they leave z the guests starts gossiping about their family Drama and who would sit in pooja with Krishna. Krishna comes there and takes Dadi’s blessings while Dadi asks for Bindiya. His face changes hearing her name.

Bindiya is getting ready as a Suhaagan so does Payal. Payal acts fake sympathizing with Krishna and acts like she has no jewel to wear. Krishna brings her the ancestral jewel saying that they originally belong to her and Payal gets happy seeing it. Bindiya greets her father in law who blesses her and is worried about her relationship with Krishna. Bindiya reassures him. As she comes out she bumps with Payal who mocks her for getting ready when there’s no way Krishna is going to accept her. Bindiya says that she might not be as sharp as her but says that she knew that the phone call was not made accidentally. Payal accepts that she made the call voluntarily and shows off the jewel to her. Bindiya asks her not to rejoice much as Krishna already promised Baldev that he would sit in pooja with her while Payal doesn’t take it seriously. They both challenge each other to prove themselves as Krishna’s Suhaagan. Krishna comes down with Payal while everyone gossips about it. Soon Bindiya follows and the guests mocks at Krishna having two wives. They ask who would sit in pooja with Krishna.

Precap: Payal tells Krishna that Bindiya is giving wrong medicine to his father. Krishna angrily confronts Bindiya about the same.

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