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Episode starts with Krishna who calls his mother and asks her who did give the ayurvedic ointment in the hand of Amma. Amma assumes that Bindiya has given that to her. Krishna gets furious on her and confronts her why did she push to Amma. He wants to punish her insisting her to chew some raw chilly. As soon as she puts it in her mouth, she starts coughing due to the heavy burning sensation. But Krishna doesn’t show any sympathy to her and punishes for her oppressive behaviour.

Bindiya wants some water but Krishna doesn’t give her the water. Drinking a glass of water in front Bindiya makes more thirsty. Amma yells at Krishna and asks her to stop the drama. Gauri immediately unties her and Amma gives her a glass of water. The gentle behaviour of Amma makes Bindiya melted. Amma requests her to leave the house. After leaving of Amma, Bindiya still feels a hope that she will win the game. Feeling the love, Bindiya gets relief. But when she reminds of Krishna, she feels extremely disappointment. Coming into his own room, Krishna punishes himself for his tormenting behaviour. He couldn’t able to bear the pain of Bindiya.

In the breakfast table, Indu reminds the family members that today is krishana’s birthday. Though Payal forgot thendate only birth of Krishna but she pretends as if she has already planned a birthday party of Krishna. Baldev asks Indu whether it would be right to throw a party in this situation. But Indu wants to give a surprise to Krishna. Pagal promises that she would handle everything and will celebrate the birthday of Krishna at any cost. At the same time Bindiya comes there and mocks at theit plan. Bindiya wants to make it more memorable. Krishna announces he will stop the nasty game of Bindiya. They both challange to each other.

Bindiya says she will make him admit his crime before the party gets started. And if he won’t accept it she would make him cut the birthday cake in jail. At the same time Dadi comes in Shukla house from Chiraiya village. She wants to talk with Bindiya personally. She rebukes Bindiya for making their life hell. She insists her to leave the house as soon as possible. She even gets ready to touch the feet of Bindiya, and begs her to leave. Bindiya immediately controls her emotions. Indu feels immensely disturbed for this chaos. Bindiya gives twelve hours to accept his own crime.

Episode ends.

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