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Episode starts with the dialogues of Bindiya who seems disappointed seeing the grieved face of Payal. A sudden plan arrives in her mind and decides to find out the happiness of Payal. After a while, she goes to Baldev to serve the tea and takes the permission of going outside tomorrow. Baldev asks Bindiya to take the car otherwise she might face inconvenience. Though Bindiya is not agreed to take the car, but Bindiya is insisted by Baldev. Coming in her own room, Bindiya notices Krishna still lies down in her bed as he has been from heavy back pain. Bindiya requests Krishna for a hot masturd oil massage but Krishna refuses her care.

Payal shares a long monologue of herself in where she outburts her frustration regarding the growing relationship between Krishna and Bindiya. She fears Bindiya and Krishna come closer with each other and leter, Krishna would refuse to marry her, she would be finished from her own repentance. She couldn’t think of sharing her love with Bindiya and finalizes she have to do something fast.

When Krishna sleeps down, Bindiya massages her back and Krishna moans in the pleasure. Payal peeps in the door hearing the odd sound of Krishna and observes their proximity. Seeing the intimacy Payal burns out of jealousy. She can’t wait more and proceeds to do something more intriguing thing. Meanwhile, Krishna wakes up from the sleep and asks why she is doing all this thing. Krishna feels disgust because of its weird smell. Bindiya is rebuked for her interference. Ahead, Payal cripples the air conditioner and compels Krishna to leave the room in the night.

Coming in the room of Payal, Bindiya requests to share her room. In the beforehand, Payal intentionally poured the water in the bed so that only one could sleep in the bed.
Suddenly, Bindiya notices the wound of Payal’s hand and asks why she hasn’t given the Medicine on the wound.
In the next morning, both Sakshi and Bindiya both set out for going outside. Sakshi doesn’t agree to go with Bindiya and takes the car by herself. Bindiya says she wouldn’t have any problem if she would go by bus or auto. Baldev notices everything from the garden and fathoms the simplicity of Bindiya. He also becomes saddened seeing the arrogant behaviour of her family members.

Coming in the college, Bindiya asks many random students whether they know Payal Mishra. But none of them know Payal. Suddenly, a girl calls Bindiya and says she know Payal very intimately. Finding someone acquainted Bindiya gets relieved. She introduces herself as a sister and asks a help from her but she has class of half an hour, so the girl asks her to wait. Bindiya waits in the canteen. Meanwhile, someone informs Payal that a lady has come in the college to enquire about Payal. Payal gets shocked and asks her to send a photo of that lady. Getting a picture of Bindiya, Payal can’t understand what she should do now.

Episode ends.

Precap : Bindiya comes in the college of Payal and asks a professor whether he knows Payal. The friends give her the phone number of the boy friend of Payal. Later, Bindiya will call Krishna and tries to contact her.

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Suhaagan 17th August 2023 Written Update: