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Episode starts with Bindiya comes in the college of Payal and asks a waiter whether he knows Payal. The man is asked to say the details of Payal. She wants to know those friends of Payal. The man mentions that Payal used to come in the canteen with a boy. Bindiya wants the phone number of that boy. He is insisted to give the phone number. After a while, he manages the phone number from their register book. Bindiya leaves from the place. In the same time, Payal is informed that Bindiya has set out from the college. She feels irritated for the sudden interference of Bindiya in her life.

Bindiya entres the cafe and then after a while a unknown man entres the cafe. He is not the real lover of Payal, instead Payal hired him to meet Bindiya. That man presents himself as Rudra. Here, Baldev is about to leave the house for visiting the sights. Iswar seems tensed as Baldev has very pressure of work in the office. Listening their conversation, Krishna wants to go with him to reduce his stress. Baldev seems very surprised listening the good will of Krishna. Baldev permits Krishna to go with him and asks why has he decided this. Krishna hesitates to utter the name of Bindiya. Later, Sakshi and Bikram feel jealous seeing the appreciation of Krishna.

Sakshi insists Bikram to join them. Though Bikram is not agreed to go, but he agrees to with his father. Baldev wants to know Bindiya the news but he doens’t get the connection of Bindiya. After leaving of them three, Sakshi washes the brain of Indu saying that Krishna is pressurized by Bindiya.
Sitting in the auto, Bindiya calls with that phone number and contacts with Krishna. She introduces herself as a sister of Payal and asks Krishna to come in a particular cafe. Krishna doens’t say anything to her.

The boy starts the conversation with Bindiya. He orders
some food for himself. Meanwhile Payal also arrives in the same cafe and asks the boy to act in a serious way. Later, Bindiya asks the boy many questions about their relationship. The boy lies Payal that his family has fixed another marriage with a another girl and tries to hide avoid the situation. He also adjoins that his family would be very upset if he rejects their proposal. But Bindiya makes her understand that this marriage could spoil three lives. She insists the boy to marry Payal so that everyone would be happy. The boy is indicated by Payal so that he would go in the toilet. In this side, Krishna offers coffee to Baldev and to bring coffee he enters in the same cafe.

Episode ends.

Entering in the same cafe, Bindiya will be seen Krishna. The boy tries to escape from the place but he breaks a glass which will draw the attention of Krishna.

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Suhaagan 18th August 2023 Written Update: