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Episode starts with the frustration of Payal who bursts out in anger to Krishna. As Krishna created a dramatic scene in the midst of the party, Payal felt very disturbed and irritated. She requests Krishna to apologise everyone and asks him to withdraw the proposal which he gave her. Payal manipulates him to announce that whatever he did was out of his control. Being intoxicated he blabbered something wrong things which is not true. Following the instruction of Payal, Krishna agrees to talk with elders. When Payal insists him to confess the truth, Bindiya doesn’t show any interest, because she knows very well that Krishna will withdraw all his emotion for Bindiya.
When Baldev and Amma both request Krishna to speak out his own heart in his sense, Krishna remains silent. Payal justifies the action of Krishna, but Krishna admits whatever he told is true.

Payal becomes flabbergasted when she notices that Krishna is again falling for Bindiya. She becomes vexed and blames Amma who has spoilt the bonding of Payal Krishna.
Payal feels disgusted as Krishna doesn’t follow his words, she also raises her voice against the elders. Indu and Shristi also question Baldev whether he was plotting against Payal.

Meanwhile, Bindiya takes the stand for Amma and reminds Payal to mind her own language. Payal blames Bindiya that she was main culprit who destroyed the relationship of them.

She also adjoins that Baldev, Amma and Nidhi were plotting together so that Bindiya would fall for Krishna. They also tried to eradicate Payal from the life of Krishna. Everyone becomes surprised listening the accusation of Payal. Bindiya runs to ignore the squabble. Krishna also proceeds towards her way. Taking the hand of Krishna, Payal stops him and asks where he is going. Not giving any reply, Krishna follows the way of Bindiya. She feels very insulted.

On the other hand, Krishna begs Bindiya for some time but she doesn’t want to talk with him anymore. But the silence of Bindiya makes surprised Krishna and asks her to pardon him. Bindiya couldn’t tolerate his behaviour and asks him to leave. But Krishna begs to her so that she would forgive him. The insulting words of Krishna still haunts Bindiya.

Though Krishna pretends to be sympathetic, but her heart doesn’t melt with his words. She couldn’t able to process that her beloved misunderstood her motif and showed her abhorrence. She describes how much she tolerated the pain when she was rejected by her. Bindiya feels very hurt when Bindiya comes to know about the conspiracy of Amma and Baldev. She also lashes them out since they manipulated Samay to play another game with Bindiya.

Episode ends.

Precap : Krishna will give a examination of his feelings and will decide to walk on the fire.

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