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Episode starts with an interesting drama in Shukla house. Payal wants to evacuate Bindiya from the house, so that she could lead a happy life with Krishna. Payal packs all the things of Bindiya in a suitcase, which confuses Bindiya. Payal wants Bindiya to leave the house asap. She also threats her that she will drive out Bindiya. Though, Bindiya becomes confused but she doesn’t get fear, she also asks to stop Payal and says that this is not a game, it’s a matter of life. Bindiya again keep all her belongings in the almirah, and showcases her own mangalsutra. She proudly says that she will finish this game by herself.

After a while, Krishna is informed that Batra couple are coming in their house. The whole family seem very happy and proud since the officers are coming to check their products. Payal suggests them to oder food from outside, but Bindiya prefers to feed them by homemade food. She also promises that she will make the dishes by herself which will satisfy the guests.
Payal resists Bindiya from cooking and suggests Indu to choose one daughter in law for the guests. If the guests come to know about the two wives of Krishna, they will defamed.

Krishna prefers to keep Payal as his wife and orders Bindiya to remain in her own room. As Payal contributed in the presentation, so it’s her right to flaunt her position. Indu also prefers Payal over Bindiya since Payal is more educated and smart. Bindiya is forbidden to come outside infront of the guests. Bindiya seems very upset. After a while, Batra couple arrive in the Shukla house. They are warmly welcome by Krishna and his family.

Coming in the home, Mr Batra asks the family members about Baldev. Payal lies that he went for a financial meeting. Payal shows the care for the guests to impress them. On the other hand, Bindiya looks very disturbed as she is asked to stay in her own room. Dadi calls her and realises the pain the Bindiya. She also motivates Bindiya and asks her to be happy and contented.

Suddenly, Batra becomes senseless after having the dinner. Krishna rubs his hands. Bindiya hides but thinks that nothing is more important than a person’s life. According to her , if anything happens to him, then it would be a bad mark on theirĀ  family’s reputation. She prepares a drink of lemonade and sugar and feeds it to him. While being asked she asks them to trust her . The doctor arrives and checks him. He checks his blood sugar while he is still unconscious. He sees that his blood sugar is 102 when someone says that he has been given sugar water. He asks who has done it. Bindiya says that her assessment has been wonderful and she has saved his life. His wife thanks Bindiya while she says that sometimes desi treatments do work. He regains consciousness and thanks Bindiya. He tells Indu that he couldn’t come to Krishna’s marriage due to work pressure.

Episode ends.

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