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The episode starts with payal and his arranged boyfriend arguing for messing up things. Payal asks him to go and inform Bindiya that Payal doesn’t even speak to her and there’s no relation between them. Suddenly Krish enters the restaurant. Seeing him enter the restaurant, Payal asks his friend to take Bindiya outside the restaurant. He acts accordingly and takes her out of the restaurant while Payal distracts Krish while being in her hijab and then leaves. Krish finds her weird.

Bindiya asks Rudra to meet Payal once since according to her, feelings never die. If he doesn’t meet Payal once, he wouldn’t know if he still loves Payal or not. She keeps on requesting him to meet Payal once. Payal asks Rudra to say yes to Bindiya so that she leaves and Krish doesn’t get to see her. Bindiya thanks Rudra and takes her leave. Krish also leaves in his car.

Sakshi tells her mother in law that she has made all the arrangements for the Teej function. Bindiya comes back home and asks if she can help with the chores. She says she can even call Pallu for help but Sakshi says that Pallu isn’t at home. She calls Payal and gets to know that she is in college. Krish’s father calls Bindiya outside and surprises her with a scooty. He says that it is only for her as Krishna has changed so much and could go to work with him.

Bindiya thanks him for the scooty and takes his blessings. Krish’s mother says that Krish was supposed to get a prize but Bindiya is getting it instead. He hands over the keys to Bindiya and asks her to start it. Bindiya brings the aarti thali and does the rituals for the new scooty while Krish breaks the coconut as part of the ritual. Bindiya gives the keys to her mother in law and asks her to start the scooty being the lakshmi of this house but she throws away the keys.

She angrily goes into the home, others also follow her. Holding the hand of Indu, Baldev reminds Indu to respect Bindiya as her own daughter in law. Krishna and she have to accept Bindiya as their family member. Baldev insults Baldev for meanness. Being offended, Indu dramatically throws all her jewelleries and asks Baldev to give it all to Bindiya. Finding out no way, Bindiya bows down her head to Indu and stoops to conquer her heart. But Indu is not ready to hear Bindiya by any means. Bindiya also put offs her jewelleries. Holding the feet of Indu, she starts crying and emphatically tells her she isn’t a dumb or duffer. The whole happiness of Baldev and Bindiya ends up in a chaos.

Episode ends.

Precap : Bindiya is insulted by Payal as she tried to interfere in her personal matter. Payal would be asked to leave her house.

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