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Episode starts with a interesting scene in the Shukla house. Krishna thinks that it is Bindiya who tried to kill their baby. Krishna rushes to their room to stop Bindiya. He stops Bindiya from threatening Payal. Actually, Payal noticed the cctv camera when she was changing the dress. She decided to play with Bindiya. Though Bindiya repeatedly asks Payal to say the truth, but Payal denies the fact. At last, Krishna’s furry errupts when the situation gets triggered off.

Payal pretends to be very innocent and convinces Krishna that she was realy pregnant. Bindiya shouts at Payal and threats Payal that she will peel off her mask. Krishna interferes between their squabble and lashes out Bindiya. Payal blames Bindiya for all these chaos. Krishna announces he will close all the chapters of Bindiya. Amma tries to convince Krishna that Payal has been betraying her, but Krishna is not ready to believe anything against Payal.

Krishna repents as he used to believe on Bindiya. Bindiya again tries to point out the falsity of Payal. She asks Krishna to think in a calm head, but taking her hand, Krishna drags Bindiya out of the room. Though Bindiya is reluctant that she won’t leave the house, but she is compelled to leave the Shukla house. When Krishna hauls Bindiya out of the house, Payal also follows them. Baldev pleas Krishna to leave Bindiya alone. Krishna bursts out in anger since he is immensely tired of this Suhaagan game. He emphatically reminds Bindiya that Krishna married Payal out of his love, but there was no emotion when he was marrying Bindiya. He was completely shattered in that time.

Bindiya is given a realisation that she was never loved by Krishna. Bindiya pleas Krishna to stop as she also has something to say. She empathetically says Krishna is puzzled by Payal. Amma takes the stand for Bindiya, but Krishna forbids her to interfere in their own matter. Bindiya fails to prove the truth, she feels completely shattered. Again Krishna holds her hand and hauls towards the temple. Krishna asks Bindiya to prove her right.

Krishna says to Bindiya that she is betraying with Amme also. Bindiya assures that she never disobey the rules of Amme Ma. Bindiya also firmly says she has a huge respect for the Almighty and she never wanted to kill Payal.

Episode ends.

Precap : Amma will call the daughter of Shukla house. She will take the help of Nidhi who will confess that Payal was never pregnant. Even Payal exploited her pregnancy news with her own. Krishna will become mad on Payal.

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