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Episode starts with the dialogue of Payal who promises herself that she wouldn’t let her plan fail. As all the plans are running in vain, she wants a successful action. Forging the hand writing of Indu, she wants to transfer some property name of the Krishna. Now there is no difficulties from marrying Krishna. With a satisfactory smile, she goes to hack the bed.

Bindiya asks Payal where is her engagement ring. Dida reminds Bindiya what happened yesterday. But Bindiya can’t understand anything why engagement didn’t take place. Payal tells her everything with every details. But still Bindiya can’t remember anything. She was feeling very weak in that moment. Payal and Dadi assume that Bindiya was intoxicated in that time.

Bindiya realises that she didn’t have any memory of yesterday. Bindiya tells that she was offered two glasses of juices but how Sakshi would offer her alcohol. Dadi understands that Baldev and his family has cancelled the marriage. Here, Sakshi throws all the package of the alcohol in the dust bin. Baldev has been puzzled to think what happened in the last night. There is no evidence left through which he could prove Bindiya guiltfree. He wants to discuss with Dadi by himself.

After a while, Baldev arrives in the door of Dadi. Seeing him in the door, Payal and Dadi apologize to him and asks him to forgive them with the folding hands. Bindiya also joins and asks pardon from Baldev. She tries to prove herself. In a trembling voice, she firmly says that she had nothing to do actually. Folding the hands, she requests to listen her. Baldev affectionately says her that he got the proof through which he has understood that there was no gulit of Bindiya. He blesses Bindiya from his core of heart.

Dadi thanks to Baldev that he has accepted Bindiya again. Baldev suddenly notices that Krishna has also arrived there. Krishna is asked to know the reason of his arrival. Krishna says he has learnt the truth eventually. Bindiya apologies to him, Krishna also appreciates her voice of singing. Krishna doesn’t want late anymore and proposes her with the engagement ring. Bindya is flattered for the behaviour of Krishna.

Episode ends.

Precap: another party is arranged for the unsuccessful engagement. Tactfully, Payal keeps a letter in the surrounding the eyesight of Baldev. Baldev notices a strange letter. Here, Bindiya and Krishna dance together.

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