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Episode starts with a new drama in Shukla Family. Payal and Krishna both blame Bindiya for her insensitive behaviour as she didn’t feel other’s behaviour. Krishna thinks Bindiya as greedy and selfish girl. Baldev’s tries to explain the incident but Krishna rudely says that Baldev has betrayed his family only for Bindiya. Though Baldev gives a justification of his conspiracy, but Krishna got weak because of his lies. He bursts out in anger and insults Baldev for his dominating behaviour. He also points out every mistake Baldev has done and reminds how he used to dislike his every step. He feels extremely burdened for the decision he took for Krishna. He also blames his father and proves him as a bad father.

As soon as, Bindiya proceeds to protest she is lashed out by Krishna and asks her to stay in her limits. Indu also forbids her to interfere between the conversation of a father and son. Krishna wants to leave the house immediately as he got extremely hurt. Though Indu tries to resist him from going anywhere, but Krishna angrily leaves the house. Bindiya also apologies to Krishna, but giving a jerk to Krishna, Krishna sets out with his car. Bindiya also follows Krishna. Niku and Bikram try to find out Krishna. Indu breaks down in tears and asks the friends of Krishna to find a trace of him.

Indu requests Baldev to bring Krishna home and starts lamenting. She also blames Baldev for this mishap. Though Baldev also feels sorry for the incident, but now Indu wants to take the decision. Indu finalizes Payal as her daughter in law instead of Bindiya. Baldev could keep Bindiya in the house but not as his wife, but as a servent. Following Krishna, Bindiya reaches in a Market. But she doesn’t see Krishna in his car. She asks the surrounding people whether they have seen the car owner and follows the route of the eye witnesser.

Payal meets that girl in the road whom she hired to steal the mobile phone. Krishna notices her and asks what she is doing in this road. Payal pretends to be tensed and agitated. When Payal boards on the car she notices a huge gift box. She asks Krishna whether this is for her. But Krishna says this gift is for Bindiya. He also calls Bindiya and asks her to come asap as he wants to give an end of the worries of Bindiya. Later, Krishna gives Bindiya the huge surprise box.

Episode ends.

Precap : Krishna will give Bindiya the divorce paper which will puzzle Krishna. But Bindiya will burn out the divorce paper infront of everyone and say she wouldn’t sign in the divorce paper.

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