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Episode starts with, Bindiya’s friend Semaa, in the school asks Bindiya about Payal. So, Bindiya describes her friends about the luxury Payal is having in her Uncle’s house. All the friends gets astonished as they have never heard about these things, like Cartoon l, noodles etc. Then Bindiya leaves them and opeds her tiffin box under a tree. From there she hears them discussing about Bindiya’s foolish decision about not visiting the town. They say, they feel jealous about Payal’s luck and how she is enjoying the town. In Madan’s house Payal asks Madan to send her back to her house. But Rekha scolds her and says they will not help Payal to get back to her house. Infact Rekha tries to through Payal out from their house. Payal looks shocked but she sticks to her decision so she steps out to leave. Madan tries to stop her by saying her about the terribly cruel world outside the house. But Payal doesn’t care to listen to her. She leaves with her bag pack.

Here, Bindiya reaches to the field as she was asked to cut the corps. Bindiya recalls the words of her Dadi. She doesn’t find any way how to cut the corps. She doesn’t even know through which instrument she would cut the crop. But taking a sharp knife, she starts to cut. Suddenly, her hand cuts but she doesn’t stop. Recalling her old days, she continues her work singing a song. Before evening, she cuts most of the corps. But her whole days has spent out.

Here, Payal roams around the town to reach her home. She asks a lady to give her phone as she have to call Bindiya, but no one helps Payal. Seeing the faces of some pedestrian, she becomes more afraid. She runs from one road to another. She can’t believe anyone when few strangers come to help Payal.

Rekha shouted at Madan as he seemed tensed regarding Payal. Madan rebukes Rekha for her foolishness. But Rekha doesn’t listen him. She firmly says that Payal will return home surely as she knows the disposition of Payal. As soon as she completed her sentence, Payal reaches to the uncle’s house. Payal is asked to wash the dishes. She feels very bad for herself. Madan acknowledges the intelligence of Payal. Rekha emphasizes that Payal shouldn’t call her village. Here, Bindiya goes to Rampyari to collect some milk but the cow doesn’t give any milk to her. Bindiya goes to the kitchen and starts cooking. She also reads her homework simultaneously. Suddenly, her copy becomes spoilt with the spot of turmeric powder. Fulmati and Bhim laugh at her seeing the wretched condition of Bindiya.

In the next morning, Dadi asks Bindiya why is she crying. Bondiya expresses her frustration as she has failed in every test. She thinks how Dadi used to work hard for them. Bindiya feels sorry for her. Dadi says that in childhood every child lives their life freely. It’s not their duty to work for the elders. Bindiya hopes that oneday she will learn cooking in a very well manner. She offers the food to dadi and leaves. Meanwhile, Fulmati comes and reminds her the deal. Here, Payal again unpacks her back. Madan asks Payal to go into a another room. As soon as Payal leaves, Madan and Rekha start their conspiracy. Payal recalls her sweet old days and understands her mistakes. Through window, she tries to draw the attention of other stranger and calls a man.
Episode ends.

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