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Episode starts with the conversation between Bindiya and Krishna. He mockingly appreciates the disposition of Bindiya. He asks her to come in the room as he wants to deliver the gift in from of everyone. Entering in the hall Krishna asks everyone to gather. Seeing Krishna in the home, Indu becomes emotional and overwhelmed and hugs him.

Krishna declares that he wants to give a gift to Bindiya. No one can understand what is going in the mind of Krishna. Payal also becomes puzzled. Bikram smirks as Krishna is suffering being stucked between his two wives. Bikram and Sakshi try to assume what is in the box. They can’t even wait to see the gift.

Bindiya hesitates to open the box but Krishna asks her to do it asap. Opening the box, Bindiya pulls a file from the box and asks what is in there. Opening the file, Bindiya sees there are some official documents. She asks Krishna what is written in these papers. Krishna mocks her as she is not well educated. But later Krishna himself says that these are divorce papers and asks her to sign on the papers.

Learning this crude fact, Bindiya becomes thunderstrucked and puzzled. Krishna says that he had left the home so that he could oust her of this house forever. He again inforces Bindiya to sign the papers and also orders to get out of his life and their home. Payal smirks seeing the teary face of Bindiya. Krishna finalizes that he wouldn’t let anyone else to take decision of his own life. He doesn’t want to live his life with Bindiya.

The tears don’t melt the heart of Krishna. Bindiya falls down under the feet of Baldev and asks him what should she do. Baldev apologies to her and blames himself as a culprit. Bindiya says that there is no fault in Baldev but in her fate. She wipes off the tear.

Bindiya keeps starring at Krishna, and her past memories of Krishna flashes before her eyes. The gift box contains a lots of files and cards packed with paper cuttings. Bindiya repacked the gift box and returns that to Krishna. She says she can’t receive that gift because in return she might loss her suhaag, her hunband Krishna.

Krishna gets very angry, throws rhe gift box and warns Bindiya that he will end all these drana soon. He goes their bed room and packs a suitcase with Bindiya’s saree, comes downstairs and throws it on the floor. Krishna insults Bindiya to an extreme and asks her to get out of the house.

Bindiya explaining herself to Krishna, how she have been here after so much disrespect, only because of her Suhaag.

Episode ends.

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