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Episode starts with Payal asking for help from some stranger through a window. But Rekha arrives and mislead that person. She says, Payel is complaining because they didn’t let her watch the television. Rekha asks that stranger to leave and shut the window. Rekha warns Payal to kill her by wild dog and leave the room. Payal looks upset. Fulmati’s daughter calls her mother, she is minutely sick. But Fulmati gets too worried about her daughter’s health. She complains about irresponsibility Bhim’s Mother. Fulmati shows all of her angers to mother. She says her Amma is responsible for her daughter’s I’ll health. She warns her mother to hand over all the property soon so that she can go back to her daughter. Dadi asks her to show some sympathy to Bindiya and Payel also as they are also like her daughter Rose. But Fulmati denies to do so.

Next morning at Four o clock as Dadi tries to wake up Bindiya, but she finds her already serving her households. Dadi gets very immotional. She asks God to bless her. Bindiya finish her house courses soon and leav for the school. Fulmati and Bhim get very shocked and Bhim asks Fulmati to stop her. Fulmati promises him that she will not let Bindiya success in her challenges. She starts making some cruel plan in her mind.

In the school Bindiya takes the phone from Masterji to call Madan. As the phone rings and Payal goes to pick up the call but Rekha stops her. She holds Payal’s mouth very tightly so that she can’t speak and gives the phone to Madan. Madan fakes that Payal is sleeping so deeply that she is not responding to Madan. Madan promises to call her back and Bindiya cuts the call. Payal gets very angry and cuts on Rekha’s hand. Rekha locks her in a room as punishment. Bindiya recalls that she have to go to the field to collect the crops from field. In the field she feels very helpless as she is taking so much time to cut the crops. She asks for help from a farmer. He teaches her the method. She learns very fast. She soon very skillfully.

She feels hungry. She cries a lot and reminds her village days. Bindiya learns how to cut the corps. The man asks her to practice everyday. Bindiya feels very happy as she successfully cuts the corps. Bindiya says she have to go home. She asks the man whether he has any phone. Bindiya calls Madan. Seeing a unknown number, Madan hesitates to receive the call. Finally, receiving the call, Madan lies to Bindiya that Payal us lying down still. Giving some false excuse, he cuts the phone. Bindiya can’t understand what’s going on.

Bindiya proceeds to go home. Madan feels irritated as continuously calls him. Rekha boasts of her intelligence. Payal feels very disspointed as Rekha has locked her in the room. Getting no food, Payal eats the soap of the bathroom, but its not edible at all. She again thuds the door and requests Rekha to open the door. Remembering the sweet days, the pain increases so much. She wants to go home.
In the night, Dadi asks Bindiya why is she not taking food. Bindiya doesn’t feel good. She tells her Dadi that two times she called Madan, but Payal didn’t receive the call for once. Dadi assuages her pain. Bindiya misses her sister. After a while Bindiya cheers up her mood.

Episode ends.

Precap: Payal understands the motive of Rekha. Rekha explains how she needs Payal. Payal understands her mistakes. But Rekha also points out the drawback of Payal, how she betrayed her own sister. Payal remains speechless.

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