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Episode starts with the conversation between Bindiya and Dadi. Bindiya tells her how much money she wants from Shukla family. Seeing her greediness, Dadi declares that Bindiya is dead to them from now. Bindiya dances in happiness, imagining 25 crores rupees in her bank account. Bindiya comes into the ground hall and asks Shwapna to prepare tea. Amma tries to make her afraid of ghost, but Bindiya doesn’t get afraid of anything. Her drama continues which makes irritated to Baldev. Bindiya waits for her next plan when a track will hit Krishna.

Krishna walks along a street but suddenly a track hits him very badly. He loses his consciousness and falls in the street. Meanwhile, a anonymous man informs Baldev Shukla that Krishna has met an accident and has lost his life. The whole family becomes thunderstrucked getting the death news of Krishna. They both run to hospital to visit Krishna. The doctor handovers them the belongings of Krishna. Indu and Baldev both break down in tears when they learn that Krishna is no more. Baldev wants to see the deadbody for once, the doctor warns him that the deadbody has torn apart due to the accident. They proceed towards the morgue.

As soon as Baldev opens the door, they see there are many deadbodies are kept in the same room. Indu breaks in tears lamenting her grief. Meanwhile, Shakshi comes into the morgue and pretends to console Indu. She continues her acting trying to be nice with Indu and Baldev. As soon as, Baldev uncovers the veil of the deadbody, he gets confirmed that this body is not of Krishna. Baldev asks the doctor about Krishna. The doctor immediately apologies to Baldev and Indu since the nurse has messed up the things of Krishna with other one.

Baldev and Indu earnestly meet Krishna for once. Before going into the cabin of Krishna, the doctor asks Baldev whether Krishna was being suffered for any reasons. Indu accepts that Krishna was going through a low phase for the last two days. The doctor lies to make them afraid that Krishna attempted suicide and wanted to take the life of his own. The doctor informs Baldev that a lady has saved the life of Krishna.

Episode ends.

Precap : Real Bindiya will come in the Shukla house, but Amma will resist Bindiya from entering into the Shukla house. But when she will finally take the entry into the house, she will flabbergasted to see that Krishna is marrying Payal. Bindiya wouldn’t understand what’s going in the house.

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