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Bindiya tells Payal that she won’t hide her face and run away rather fight for her rights.Payal asks her who would support her now since no one is in her team now and his father in law got insulted in front of everyone due to Bindiya. Payal tries to make Bindiya jealous but she says that she believes that one day Krishna would definitely take away Payal’s mangalsutra by himself. Payal says that she has to decorate her room since she is going to stay with Payal. 

Krishna packs Bindiya’s clothes so Payal enters their room and starts a drama of being concerned about Bindiya again. Krishna asks her to close this Bindiya chapter and focus on her own life. Baldev joins his hands in front of Bindiya and tells her that this family has lost it’s humanity so she must get back to her place and live her life with dignity. He apologises to Bindiya for not being able to do anything for her. He says he has lost and also made her loose. Bindiya says that unless one accepts their own loss , one never loses. She says that she would neither let him lose nor lose the battle herself. 

Vikram and his wife go to see what Bindiya will do now. A servant asks Bindiya what is supposed to be cooked for dinner. She says she would look into it. Listening to this, Krishna’s mother asks Baldev to tell Bindiya to leave and not think about anything else. Baldev says that he has done everything for his kid’s well being and now they are asking him what he has done with them and why. He feels defeated and cries. He says that he never had faith in Krishna’s taste since childhood since his taste has always been detrimental to his life. This time Baldev chose his wife for Krishna’s well being but it ruined both Krishna and Bindiya’s life. Since he lost as a father, he asks Indu to not lose as a mother. 

Payal thanks Krishna for always supporting her and being by her side. She says that the situation has become such that she fears to even hug him. Indu tells Payal that she knows that Krishna loves her and has accepted her as his wife but she must prove it to the family that Krishna’s choice is not wrong this time. Krishna tells Indu that the basis of any relationship is love and not evidence. Indu says that this is for his own good and she is just giving Payal an opportunity to prove herself. Bindiya also asks for an opportunity from Indu. Indu tells her that her decision has been taken so she must not intrude between Bindiya and Krishna anymore. Krishna humiliates Bindiya and makes sure that his decision is not going to change. Indu remembers Baldev’s words and gives Bindiya an opportunity since she doesn’t want anyone to think that she did partiality with anyone. 

Recap : Bindiya would be seen challenging Payal. 

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Suhaagan 24th September 2023 Written Update: