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Episode starts with the conversation between Bindiya and Sakshi. Saskhi influences to wear those high heels so that she would mess up infront of the guests. Indu would remove the tag of ignorance if she walks these high heels. Finally, Bindiya agrees to wear it. After putting those in her foot, she can’t even stand properly. How would she manage, she can’t decide. Sakshi requests Bindiya to come in the ground, she would teach how to walk. In the midst of the way, Krishna’s car gets punctured. He becomes irritated for this sudden circumstances. Taking another tire, he starts to repair that tire.

Here, Payal waits in a particular resturant for Krishna. She feels excited when she hears the voice message of Krishna. Suddenly, a waiter of that restaurant comes to her as he has identified her. He also asks about her boyfriend. Payal confidently says he is on his way. A plan lightens up in the head of Payal. She asks the waiter to serve the favourite food of Krishna and the song which they used to listen after Krishna’s arrival. Payal wants to make Krishna nostalgic. She wants to destroy the new memories of Krishna with her new wife.

The high heels make Bindiya very uncomfortable. The guests don’t see their uneasiness and mocks for her misbehavior. Indu asks Bindiya to stands but Bindiya can’t even stand with those high heels. The guests makes fun of Bindiya’s village culture. Bindiya feels bad but she has nothing to do. Again Sakshi again triggers off the anger of Indu saying that Bindiya doesn’t respect her anymore. She only shows her obedient nature only to Baldev. Being offended, Indu goes to Bindiya and requests why she is not standing to receive the blessing of the guests. Bindiya can’t say anything to her.
Again Indu pleas to serve the drinks to the guests. Sakshi wants to serve the drinks instead of Bindiya. Getting no way, Bindiya stands to serve the drinks but she touches her heels first. Sakshi asks why she is touching her footwear before serving the food. Finally, Bindiya manages to stand up by her own and starts to serve the drinks. To make her unstable, Sakshi throws a candle towards her and all the drinks falls on the saree of the guests. Being offended, all the guests insult Indu and leaves the place immediately. Though Bindiya apologizes to Indu but she doens’t listen anything. Bindiya is immensely rebuked by her mother in law. Though Sakshi accepts that she herself gave the high heels to Bindiya so that she could prove herself smart infront the

Bindiya breaks down in tears and laments why did she listen Sakshi. A servent informs Bindiya that her phone was calling for a long time. Actually Rudra called her to inform all the falsity of Payal as she has blocked him cancelling the meeting. But as soon as he learns that Payal has gone to that restaurant, Rudra doesn’t say her anything. Bindiya decides to go there by himself. Meanwhile, Rudra also reaches there.

Episode ends.

Precap : Krishna will beat Rudra up for his mischievousness with Payal.

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