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The episode starts with Payal says to Bindiya that she won’t let the latter win this battle and says she agrees to this challenge. Vikram and Sakshi decides to enjoy the sister’s fight. Bindiya decides to compete against her own sister who now turned out to be her sautan. She further taunts Payal for hurting her. Payal vows to defeat Bindiya at any cost.

Bindiya requests Indu to not let Payal stay with Krishna until she takes a decision. Krishna gets furious and shouts at Bindiya but Indu agrees to Bindiya’s request and orders Payal to stay with Bindiya in the guest house. Payal gets upset and attempts to persuade Indu to change her decision but Indu remains stubborn in her decision then leaves from there. Krishna insults Bindiya and says that both him and Payal will fight this battle against her. He will also confidently states that his and Payal’s love will win this battle. He misses his balance but Bindiya prevents him from falling down. She then mocks Krishna to stand on his own. Krishna leaves the place angrily.

Bindiya goes through her childhood photos with Payal and her parent’s. She cries recalling her memories with them. She then says that her intention is to bring Payal in a right path not to defeat her sister. She also expresses her agony by speaking to God and hope’s that she will get her Suhaag Krishna back in her life.

There, Payal packs her things and blames Bindiya for the latter get succeed manipulating Indu to make her leave Krishna’s room. Krishna blames Payal for agreeing to Bindiya’s challenge. Payal puts up an act infront of Krishna for her decision. Krishna decides to support Payal in the fight for their love. Payal leaves with her bag. Krishna looks upset.

Payal enters the guest room and notices Bindiya is arranging things. She rushes to her and pulls her aside harshly then starts throwing Bindiya’s clothes outside. Bindiya questions Payal who lashes out at her in return. Bindiya mocks at Payal by pointing at her confidence level. Krishna enters the room to return Payal’s purse but gets shocked and confused seeing the state of the room. Payal gets tensed. She then blames Bindiya for the room’s state which shocks Bindiya. Krishna takes Payal’s side. Bindiya reminds them about the rules of their challenge. Krishna gets furious so he questions Bindiya for reminding them about the rules. Bindiya asks Krishna to respect Indu’s decision. Krishna gets irked by Bindiya’s attitude so he decides to follow Indu’s order. He also asks Payal not to be scared of Bindiya then leaves the place.

The next day, Bindiya cooks breakfast for everyone. She then serves Indu her coffee. Sakshi says to Indu that she is tired seeing the drama between both the sister’s in their house. Krishna comes to home from his jogging. He gets annoyed by Bindiya’s constant attempt to serve him his morning drink so asks Indu not to let Bindiya go near him because Payal is with him to take care of his all needs then leaves.

Krishna knocks the guest room where Payal is sleeping asking her to wake up. Payal comes out in her sleeping state so Krishna questions her. Payal blames Bindiya. Krishna reminds Payal the importance of winning this competition. He further informs about Bindiya’s attempt to show everyone she is an ideal daughter in law so asks Payal to get ready and make breakfast for him then leaves. Payal gets upset that she has to do household works despite becoming the daughter in law of the Shukla’s.

Precap: Krishna refuses to have food made by Bindiya. He decides to gift Payal a necklace thinking the burger is cooked by Payal but Bindiya reveals it’s her who done it which shocks Krishna.

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