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Episode starts with the suhag rat of Bindiya and Krishna. Bindiya gives him a glass of water. Krishna seems intoxicated and blabbers in his own mind. He gives the explanation behind this glass of milk. Krishna asks Bindiya to have the milk, but she follows his words. After a some time, to break the silence between them, Bindiya starts to talk with him. Krishna asks what was her dream regarding this night. Bindiya feels very ashamed.

Here, Fulmati tries to assume Payal’s intention behind leaving the home. Fulmati recalls how Payal used to always engaged herself in some mischievous work. Dadi also does tension for Payal’s unpredictable and unprecedented behaviour. Rose asks Dadi whether she has informed anything to Bindiya, but Dadi doesn’t want to let anything know Bindiya in her wedding ceremony.

Krishna does have a headache to think those bad behaviour of Payal continuously. Bindiya thinks Krishna has been suffering from a tremendous headache and gives her a massage with a balm. Though Krishna enjoys the massage, but he can’t bear the presence of Bindiya anymore. Krishna angrily goes to hit the hay. In another room, Bikram mocks Sakshi as she has failed in her first mission, but Sakshi is not a lady to be defeated. She can’t bear the taunt of Bikram. She emphatically says she will spoil the rasui of tomorrow.

Here, Bindiya notices Krishna in his shirtless body. Seeing him closely, Bindiya losts herself and stares at him. When he comes closer to her, Bindiya shivers being shy. Krishna asks Bindiya whether he is giant as Bindiya is gazing him. Krishna comes to his bed, but seeing those floral decoration, he becomes more irritated. Being intoxicated Krishna blabbers in himself and again loses his balance. Trying to hold Krishna, they both fall in the bed. Bindiya affectionately touches and cuddles him, but Krishna falls asleep. Bindiya feels very contented as they have spent a quality time in their suhag rat.

Here, Payal in her hostel room, can’t get over her heartbroken. Lying in the floor and spreading all the pictures of Krishna she repents what she has done with her own future. She also curses Bindiya for wining her own card Krishna. Taking a picture of Krishna, she blames Krishna as if he betrayed her and questions why did Krishna let that happen. Seeing a picture of Bindiya, she promises she will not let Bindiya be happy.

Episode ends.

Precap : Payal will burn a picture of Payal and promises she will spoil the future of Bindiya.

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