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Episode starts with a village fair, where payal worships their village God. When elders search for Bindiya, she comes with some flowers. The two sisters ask sweet from the priest. When the her family comes out from the temple, some beggars ask some food, but the family doesn’t have any food or money left to offer. When her parents decide to offer the sweets to them, Payal is reluctant to give. She doesn’t want to offer her food to the impoverished men. When her mother, father and sister insists her to give the food to them, ultimately Payal gives her the prasad to the beggars.

Bindiya was dreaming about all this incident. Bindiya wakes up and chants the morning mantra. She remembers that today is the anniversary of their parents. She searches for her Dadi, but she doesn’t find her anywhere. Meanwhile, Bindiya tries to wake her up sister but Payal still lies down on the bed.

Waking up Bindiya feels hungry, when she didn’t find elders anywhere, Bindiya decides to cook by herself. Though she doesn’t find any matches or milk anywhere, or anything like to eat. Taking the bowl she goes to their pet cow, and prays her for some milk. But cow doesn’t seem humble to her. Meanwhile, Dadi comes and teaches Bindiya how to be gentle to the cow. Bindiya gets awestruck to think how Dadi does all this work by herself. When her Dadi asks Bindiya about why did she come for milk, then Bindiya reminds today is the anniversary day of her parents. Meanwhile, Bindiya notices a unknown fingerprint on their wall, she doesn’t understand whose fingerprint it is.

Bindiya and Payal both are getting ready for the school. Before going to the school, they both go to a photo frame and both do pranam towards the parents and kisses the picture. Bindiya also offers a card where she drew a picture. Dadi starts to cry seeing the two orphan children and becomes emotional. When the two sisters leave, Dadi opens the card which created Bindiya.

In the classroom, Bindiya is appreciated for her true for her studies by the teacher. But when she gives a wrong a answer, others students laugh towards her. After calling off the day, the teacher calls her, and gives her two toffees, and also asks Bindiya to submit the fees. Here, Dadi waits for Kantiram who is a labour of her field. He provokes her to sell the whole field as it doesn’t produce many corps and also gives her money for the solded corps.

Bindiya gives a surprise to Payal. Payal feels upset as she doesn’t have the mood for studies.
Payal takes a toffee from Bindiya. The two sisters chooses a empty road for going home. A thief attacks Dadi and snatches the ring from her. But when he tries to snatch the money, Dadi struggles for the money and falls into the well. Bindiya jumps in the well to save her.

Episode ends.

Precap: Dadi is taken to the home. The Villagers lament over the death of Dadi. Meanwhile, her aunt comes and takes her own position in the house.