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The episode starts with Baldev saying to his family members that he chose a girl for Krishna whose name is Bindiya. Krishna asks Baldev what happened to him and expresses his worry for inquiring about his injuries. Baldev says that because of his accident, he got to meet Bindiya. Krishna laughs at him and asks Baldev if he is okay. Vikram and Sakshi wonder what happened to Krishna. Krishna firmly says to Baldev it’s his life, so he will decide whom he wants to marry. He then complains about parents being annoying and then leaves. Baldev gets upset and angry and goes to his room. Indu gets worried as she is stuck between this father and son. Sakshi calms her down.

Payal is on her way to her hometown with her friend Sarah on a bus. Krishna calls her and talks about his meeting with his parents, which didn’t go well. He also says that he misses her. Payal says even if she misses him. She then asks him whether he talked to his parent’s about their marriage. Krishna asks Payal not to annoy him and then disconnects the line that confuses Payal. The bus reaches Payal’s hometown. Bindiya and a few kids wait to welcome Payal. Bindiya asks the kids to follow her instructions, and they all agree.

Kids play dhol and dances in front of the bus along with Bindiya while Payal gets down from the bus. Bindiya hugs her happily. Payal tells Bindiya that she came from Lucknow, not from London. She then shouts at the kids to stop dancing. They all stop playing music’s and dance. Bindiya appreciates the kids and the musician, then leaves. Bindiya expresses her happiness of Payal’s return to their hometown.

Bindiya attempts to lift Payal’s bag, but Payal tells her that she doesn’t have to lift as it has wheels and then walks away with the trolley. Bindiya watches it and gets surprised. She then inquired to Payal how she bought such an expensive trolley. Payal gets tensed and then says to Bindiya that she received it by winning debate competition in the college. Bindiya gets surprised, so questions Payal about college life in general. Payal gets annoyed, so she tells that she is tired and asks her to go to the house. Bindiya obliges.

There, Krishna recalls everything that Baldev told him and gets upset. Indu brings food for him, but Krishna refuses to have anything and complains about Baldev’s behaviour. He further tells her that he has no interest in marrying an uneducated girl. Indu says to Krishna that she will support him always. Krishna gets happy. Meanwhile, both Vikram and Sakshi wonder whether Krishna will agree to marry a girl whom Baldev wants him to. They both have different opinions, so they bet with each other about the outcome.

Payal meets Dadi. Dadi thinks Bindiya is finally happy after Payal’s return. Bindiya shows the decorations in the room, which Payal doesn’t like it but pretends to be like it. Phoolmati tells Bindiya that she and Rose will sleep in the room, which she arranged for Payal. Rose tries to act nice towards Payal, but the latter insults her also threatens both Phoolmati and Rose, which leads them both to leave the room. Bindiya gets happy. In Shukla’s house, Baldev expresses his disappointment towards his family members and says this is the reason why he chose Bindiya as a daughter in law. Krishna tells Baldev that Payal will become the daughter in law. Baldev looks shocked while Sakshi looks curious.

Precap: Baldev’s marriage proposal for Bindiya to shock the latter. Meanwhile, Payal assures Krishna that she will impress his family for sure.

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