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Episode starts with Payal screaming for help. Since Krishna is on a call he fails to listen to Payal. Suddenly Bindiya discovers that there’s fire in the house.  Bindiya asks if there’s someone inside. She recognizes Payal’s voice. Bindiya hurriedly grabs a blanket and tries to make it wet. Then she covers herself with it and proceeds towards the house to save Payal. People ask Bindiya to not go inside but she doesn’t pay heed to them. Indu, Vikram and Sakshi reach the venue and taunt Baldev for having sweets. Phulmati and Sakshi engage in a stupid conversation. Indu asks Baldev about Krishna.  Baldev makes fun of her and says he doesn’t know about him and that he must be around. Indu is worried about the three of them. 

Some kids come and inform them that there’s a fire at a  house in the corner of the ground. They run towards the house. Bindiya goes inside. She covers Payal with the blanket and asks her to jump outside the house. She says that she won’t let anything happen to her. Indu and others also call for Krishna not knowing that Krishna isn’t inside the house. Krishna hangs up the phone and gets to know about the fire. He is shocked to see the fire and runs toward the fire. Vikram stops him and says that they are trying to stop the fire so he must not run inside. Bindiya wraps Payal in the blanket and pushes her out. Payal comes out safely but is in shock. 

Bindiya is still inside. Krishna wakes up Payal. Bindiya tries to come out of the house but due to the intense and vigorous fire she is unable to come out. Krishna tries to go inside so Indu stops him. He says that there was Bindiya to save Payal but there’s no one for Bindiya so he must go inside and help her. Bindiya coughs badly inside the house and then feels dizzy. Krishna enters the house and tries to come out of the house. Dadi and Indu pray for their kids. Krishna comes out of the house carrying Bindiya in his arms. 

Krishna  comes out with unconscious Bindiya and tries to bring her back to consciousness.  The villagers bring a bed for her and then they feed her some water. As Bindiya gains consciousness, Krishna hugs her. Payal intervenes. He asks Bindiya if he is okay. Bindiya remains silent. Payal says to Krishna that when she was inside, she got very worried but it’s God’s grace that she came out safely. Dadi says that she came out due to Bindiya and not God’s grace. Payal says that Bindiya always has the habit of earning credits and she didn’t do anything. Bindiya says that she is shocked to see that to save her life she put Krishna’s life in danger which she would have never done. Krishna asks Payal to at least say thanks to Bindiya. Bindiya says that she can risk her life for someone but not kill anyone.Episode ends. 

Precap : Bindiya finds Krishna and Payal in a compromised position!

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