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Episode starts with the conversation between Bindiya and Payal. Payal notices the expensive necklace of Bindiya which she got from her mother in law with her greedy eyes. Putting a idea in her head, Payal leave the room.

Here, Krishna expresses his grievances to Niku who consoles him with his words. Krishna can’t accept the marriage of Payal. He feels loneliness in himself but he seems very helpless with the situation. Bindiya comes in the midst of their conversation and asks what they are conversing about.
Bindiya asks Krishna whether he is alright. Krishna becomes disturbed with her unnecessary and prolonged questions. She becomes hurt with her behaviour. But as soon as Krishna realises his mistake, he apologies to her. Bindiya just wanted to make him feel accompanied and companied. Later, she prays for the health and mental condition of Krishna.

In the next morning, Bindiya wakes up in a very early morning and starts to prepare the delicious dishes in the kitchen for her own first Teej. Here, Payal also comes outside to deliver something to Rudra. They meet up in a dark street. Payal gives him extra 3 lakhs rupees to keep his mouth silent. Rudra promises he wouldn’t say a word to anyone after completing the task. Out of his curiosity, he asks if this would mess up, and they will be compelled to marry each other, then what they should do. Payal confidently says that this time her plan wouldn’t fail.

Getting Bindiya nowhere, Krishna opens the window and notices Payal is coming in the home from somewhere else. He can’t understand why did she go outside in so early morning. To know the reason, he comes down. As soon as, Payal enters in the hall, Bindiya asks the same question to Payal. To distract her, Payal asks the importance of the ritual. Bindiya explains the history of the Teej. On the asking of Krishna, Payal lied that she went to the temple to pray the God.
Payal explains that she doesn’t believe in those extra things, so she didn’t offer any Prasad. She further expresses her tension to Bindiya but she assures that everything will be alright.

Ahead, Bindiya proceeds to call her mother in law and father in law. But they come in the lunch table. Everyone becomes surprised to see the preparation of Bindiya. Baldev becomes nostalgic in the breakfast table recalling his childhood Teej.
Later, Payal secretly eats some food locking her the door which is not allowed in the day of the marriage. Meanwhile, Bindiya comes in her room for her Haldi rasam. Bindiya becomes emotional and nostalgic seeing the face of Payal.
Wiping off her tears, Bindiya asks her to get ready. Hugging Bindiya, Payal quickly swallows her food which she couldn’t get the time to swallow. Bindiya starts the haldi rasam of Payal. She also blesses her and prays for her so that she would get all the happiness. Later Bindiya wouldn’t find her expensive necklace when Shakshi asked her to wear that.

Episode ends.
Precap : Indu would blame Bindiya for stealing the necklace by herself.

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