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The episode starts with Krishna walking on the fire. Bindiya cries hard. She pleads with Krishna not to punish him like this. Krishna tells her this is the right punishment for him. Bindiya begs him not to, but Krishna repeatedly walks on the fire. Bindiya also stands in the fire, saying that she can’t see him like this, and she forces him to come out of it. Krishna questions Bindiya’s actions. He also tells her by punishing himself that he can able to understand her pain that he has given to her. Bindiya asks him to stop his nonsensical talk. She then urges him to go with her to aid his wounds. Krishna firmly refuses, saying his outer wound might heal but not his inner scars. He wants her forgiveness to heal, but he is sure the sin he has committed for that he will not get her forgiveness. He also tells her that even God will not forgive him. He then approaches God’s idol. Bindiya tells him a Suhaagan can forgive him. She further tells him that she has forgiven him. She also asks him not to punish himself as he has realised his mistake. Krishna gets emotional. He then hugs Bindiya, which surprises the latter.

Bindiya stops herself from hugging back Krishna. She then hears her inner voice, asking her to fight for her Suhaagan Krishna. She also takes an injured Krishna with her outside the temple. They both share an eye lock. A bollywood song plays in the background. After they both comes out of the temple, Krishna requests her not to tell anyone in the family about his attempt to walk on the fire to get her forgiveness because as she knows about his family who creates a drama over a big issue. Bindiya agrees with Krishna. She then thinks in her mind to fight for her love.

Later, Amma raises a question about Bindiya’s acceptance towards Krishna. Bindiya shares with Amma, Baldev, and Samay that Krishna is indeed feeling bad for his earlier behaviour towards her, so she decides to forgive him and also fight for her love. Amma, Baldev, and Samay get happy with Bindiya’s decision. Baldev looks proud of Bindiya.

Bindiya goes to the house temple, followed by Amma, Baldev, and Samay. Bindiya prays God to give her strength to fight for her rights. Her intentions aren’t to hurt Krishna, but she wants Krishna to confess in front of everyone that, too, not in his intoxicated mind. Everyone prays for the same.

The next day, Vikram criticises the idea of both Bindiya and Samay related to their new business. Both of their mother gets into an argument. Amma scolds them. Vikram clarifies that he just told them about his opinion, but they are unnecessarily arguing. Baldev questions Vikram. Bindiya assures Vikram and the family members that her idea will work out for sure. Krishna is wondering why he is always thinking about Bindiya instead of being with Payal. He then decides to tell Bindiya that whatever he has told her in his intoxicated state, the other nights are true.

Precap: The lawyers ask both Krishna and Bindiya to sign the divorce papers. Krishna says ladies first, so Bindiya decides to sign the divorce paper’s.

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