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The episode starts with Payal, Bindiya and their mother in law doing their jhula rasam. Bindiya thanks her husband for supporting her but he says that it was his duty to support her and he would have done the same thing if there was someone else in her place. He also acknowledges Bindiya’s honesty. Krishna says that since it’s a women’s function he must leave now. But while leaving , his father and panditji ask him to stay till the puja ends. Krishna calls Nikku and asks him to get all the information about Payal’s would-be husband. Krishna, Bindiya and others sit for the puja and listen to panditji narrating Shiv-Parvati katha. Krishna and Bindiya do the rituals together while Payal stares at them. 

Nikku reaches Rudra’s place and becomes awestruck. Krishna gets Nikku’s call. He is informed by Rudra that he is coming with all of Rudra’s fake information. Bindiya sees Krishna leaving so she gives him prashad and asks where he is heading to. Krishna says he has a very important work. Bindiya says that the groom will arrive soon. Krishna says that he would arrive before the marriage begins. Bindiya asks Payal to come with her so that she can get ready for the marriage. Krishna reaches the place where Nikku awaits for him. Bindiya makes Payal ready  and then puts the jewellery on her. Payal looks stunning in her bride attire. Daadi and Phulmati praise Payal. Phulmati starts telling stories about her own marriage and praises herself. Bindiya puts a kala teeka on Payal’s neck as a ritual. She says that looking at Pallu in this attire makes her feel so happy . Payal says that she has waited long for this day and she is going to get everything for Bindiya only. Bindiya wishes that Ambe Maa fulfils all of Payal’s wishes. 

Bindiya asks Payal to sit while she keeps all things in their place. Payal picks up Bindiya’s sindoordaan but Bindiya asks her not to touch it since it’s hers and one cannot share their sindoor with others. Bindiya gives Payal her new sindoor. Krishna enters Rudra’s place with Nikku and sees a lady with a baby and also sees a photo of Rudra and his wife.
Rudra’s wife is asked by Krishna if she is his wife. When she says yes to Krishna, he says that Rudra is going to marry someone else this evening  and asks her to come with them to stop the marriage but she remains silent and stands still. She says that he knows all of it but Rudra is faking it all. The episode ends. 

Same precap.

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