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Episode starts with the Payal’s insistence to Bindiya. To cheer up the mood of Bindiya, Payal wants to bring her in Baldev’s house as this house would be her in law’s. Bindiya hesitates to go with her but Payal is reluctant to go. Bindiya is insisted to come infront of the house of Baldev. To see the palace of Baldev, Payal gets surprised. Bindiya feels very afraid and uncomfortable as Payal desperately wante to see the face of fiance of Bindiya. But Payal waits for the boy who would be the future husband of Bindiya.

Suddenly, Vikram comes outside who is regarded as the finance of Bindiya. Payal assumes this handsome boy would be the husband of Bindiya and she becomes excited. But Vikram hugs her wife Sakshi which make Payal and Bindiya surprised. Payal understands her own mistake and also assumes this is not the guy they are waiting for. Bindiya
requests her to return the house. Payal asks the watchman whether the younger son has left the house but he says he has just left with a cycle.

Payal feels very excited to chase Krishna. But Bindiya doesn’t feel excited. To see his cycling, Payal understands that this boy is perfect for Bindiya. Though, Krishna suddenly disappears from their eye sight, but after some time again see the cycle of Krishna. He comes to the stadium to practice the game. Payal and Bindiya also follow the cycle and reach the stadium. Hiding themselves, they wait behind the practice centre. Even Payal watches secretly the game and also become confused to see many boys. Payal goes to bring two cups of tea keeping Bindiya aside. After a while, Bindiya notices the cycle and also the owner of the cycle, Krishna.

Finally Bindiya notices the face Krishna who is drinking and spreading the water on her face. As soon as Bindiya sees the face of Krishna, she starts to observe facial structure of Krishna and losts herself in a another world. As soon as, Bindiya comes to her, she feels some goosebumps in her body. Krishna also stares at her holding a chocolate. Bindiya keeps watching her and smile unknowingly. Meanwhile, Payal arrives there and notices the chocolate in her hand. Bindiya confesses that she has met her fiance.

Bindiya mentioned him showing a particular sign on his shirt. Following the sign of the shirt, Payal understands that no other but krishna is the fiance of Bindiya. Payal can’t imagine that Krishna would be the future husband of Bindiya. She becomes thunderstrucked to know this unexpected truth. Bindiya imagines some romantic scenario between Krish and Bindiya. She also intentionally comes closer and stares at Krishna in a glaring eyes.

Episode ends.

Precap: Payal wants to break up with Krishna which makes him shocked. Dadi also asks Bindiya whether she is agreed, she nods her head which makes Dadi happy.

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