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Episode starts with Payal who is seemed very disturbed and traumatized regarding Krishna. She inattentively roams the road. Bindiya rebukes her for her inattentiveness and indifference. Payal gives her some false excuses to meet with Krishna. She proceeds to the college of Krishna to meet him. Here, Krishna is adored by his mother and brother as he has successfully passed the examination. They seem very happy and proud of Krishna.

Payal calls Krishna and asks him to come immediately in the college. Krishna goes to meet Payal. His mother couldn’t understand where would he go. Sakshi suggests Indhu to give a party to celebrate the result of Bindiya. Sakshi and Bikram promise they will everything for the party. Here, Bindiya still thinks of Krishna and feels ashamed in herself. Sometime, she is hiding her face in between her two palms, sometime, she is seeing the Krishna in the road. Bindiya can’t understand what’s going on.

Baldev calls Bindiya to know what she wanted to say yesterday. Bindiya hesitates to decline his proposal now. She feels a new connection with Baldev and his family. Here, Krisha enters in the college, thinking he will be surprised by Payal. He recalls their proposal day when he arranged everything to make suprised Payal, how he darely proposed her. Payal arrives infront of him. Payal wants to break up with Krishna which makes him shocked.

Krishna tells Payal that he only wanted to marry Payal. But his words doesn’t make her calm down. She blames him for messing up everything and tries to emerge his emotion pretending as a orphan girl. Krishna promises he will definitely take care the opinion of Payal.

Dadi asks Bindiya whether she is agreed, she nods her head which makes Dadi happy and also shows some positive sign. When Rose proceeds to snatch the chocolate of Bindiya, she protests. Here, Baldev seems very happy to know that Bindiya’s is being changed. Vikram and Sakshi prepare of the party also feel jealous when they are not being appreciated by Indhu. Baldev also becomes very happy to know the result of Krishna.

Krishna arrives in the home but he shows a offensive behaviour towards his father. Baldev couldn’t answer what’s going on in the mind of Krishna. He shouts at his father. Again Krishna mentions the name of Payal who has suffering for the decision of Baldev. Baldev becomes surprised to hear the words. He also blames Krishna for ignoring the respect of the house. The dispute is triggered off and proceeds to slap Krishna. Indhu also strictly declines the decision of Indhu.

Episode ends.

Precap: The dispute between Baldev and Krishna is triggered off. Baldev asks Krishna to leave this house. Indhu supports Krishna’s love life which makes more offened Baldev. Krishna decides he will leave this house permanently to marry his choice.

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