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Episode starts with Bindiya telling Payal that she would tell Krishna about their video right away. Payal asks her not to do this but she doesn’t listen to it. She runs to Krishna and tries to tell her about it. Krishna refuses to listen to her at first but then she tells Krishna that Payal made a video of them. Krishna shouts at Payal for this. The blackmailer calls again. Krishna grabs Bindiya’s phone and talks to the blackmailer. He threatens him to return the mobile. The stranger says that he is going to make the video viral now and hangs up the call. Krishna asks Payal to not worry and assures to handle it. 

Suddenly a video message arrives on Bindiya’s phone. Within a few seconds  the entire house receives the video on their mobiles. The media arrives and they start shouting . They call the Shukla’s outside. Baldev slaps Krishna for this incident. He gets a heart attack out of this stress. Bindiya screams and regains her consciousness.  She was just thinking about all of this. She decides to inform Baldev regarding this issue so that he gives her a solution. She goes to Baldev’s room and sees Pankaj and him talking. She realises that Baldev is already stressed due to Nidhi’s matter so she decides not to give Baldev more tension.  Pankaj tells Baldev that there are certain conditions which she can’t fulfil as a result of which she doesn’t want to stay with him. He doesn’t want to force her. 

Bindiya says that when one of the partners delves into the wrong path, it’s the responsibility of the other partner to bring him or her on the right path. She makes him realise that he must not leave Nidhi due to her conditions . He says he has understood what to do. Payal wonders what must have Bindiya told  Krishna about the video.Next morning Pankaj comes to Baldev asking for his signatures. Baldev reads the papers and says that this is address change form. Pankaj says to Nidhi that since she is not ready to go with him he has taken the decision of staying in this house as a ghar jamai. Therefore he needs to change all the crucial documents addresses. Everyone is shocked to hear this.

Sakshi says to Vikram that this was the last thing left to happen. Nidhi asks what he is saying and does it look good if one stays as a ghar jamai. Pankaj says that even her not staying with her in-laws doesn’t look good. He asks Baldev if they have a problem. He says that he can stay here for as long as he wants. Nidhi pisses off. Krishna comes to Payal’s room. She tries to do damage control and tries to explain to Krishna about the video but he gives her a new phone. She realises that Bindiya didn’t inform Krishna anything.

Krishna asks Payal if she is happy. She still panics and says that she needs her old phone. Krishna says what madness is this as she was always fond of new things. She thinks of telling Krishna about the video herself. Bindiya arrives and tries to distract her. Krishna gets a call so he goes out of the room.  Bindiya tells her not to tell him anything since she would take care of it now. Episode ends. 

Precap : Mr.Chopra accuses Bindiya of being characterless in the court. 

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