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Episode starts with Bindiya who still doesn’t get back her sense. Krishna affectionately takes care of her, he also realises his own misbehaviour which makes him guilt. He notices that many villagers are praying for Bindiya’s health and thinks how Bindiya is being praised by everyone. He also feels guilt as he always points out the drawbacks of Bindiya.

Here, in the Shukla house, most of the family members become worried since Krishna and Bindiya has not come home yet. Sakshi and Vikram both assure Indu that they will come very soon, Krishna would not let Bindiya die.

In the midst of the night, Krishna feels immensely thirsty, but as his hand is being holded by Bindiya, Krishna couldn’t free his hand. He slowly takes the water and drinks it. After a few minutes, Bindiya gets back her sense. She utters the name of Krishna which startles him. Bindiya asks why Baldev and Indu has not come yet. Krishna explains the reason, he also shows his anger on Payal.

Bindiya asks Krishna why didn’t he inform Baldev and Indu about their location. Krishna doesn’t want to let Payal inform about their present location, otherwise she will come here. Following the words of Bindiya, Krishna calls Baldev. He informs that they are doing well. Baldev asks Krishna to take care of Bindiya. Krishna also forbids to inform Payal about them. Baldev and Indu show their concern for Bindiya and Krishna.

Here, Durga wakes up and asks about Bindiya. Baldev assures his mother Durga that Krishna will bring Bindiya back in a perfect condition. Following the words of Indu, Sakshi orders Payal not to come outside from her room otherwise Durga might doubt her since she doesn’t have any proper relationship with Krishna. Payal angrily leaves the spot. One by one, Baldev introduces all of his family members to his mother.

Here, in the Chiraiya village, Krishna notices that Bindiya is getting fever, so he takes care of Bindiya with the utmost care. Seeing their togethernes, Dadi becomes overwhelmed and happy. She decides to let them sleep in the house seperated. Later, Payal tries to know about the present location of Bindiya and Krishna.

Episode ends.

Precap : Bindiya will try to put sindur on her forehead, but she couldn’t use her left hand. Krishna will put sindur on her head. At the same time, Payal will reach there and will be surprised to see their proximity.

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