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The episode starts with Payal saying to Bindiya we have to talk with the blackmailer. Bindiya stops her. She asks her not to do anything. She will handle it. Payal argues with her. The blackmailer calls Payal and informs her that he has her phone with him. He demanded her to give him 5 laksh and get back the phone. She asked him how she will arrange the money? He threatens to release the video. Bindiya asks him not to do anything like that. She assures him to give money to him. Payal asks her how she will arrange the money? Bindiya says that we have to do something to arrange the money. Payal says that she isn’t allowing her to discuss with others about this matter. Bindiya says that it’s a matter of this family reputation. We have to find another way to arrange the money. Payal decided to use the jewels. Bindiya asks her if she had brought these jewels from her house to use them? She argues with her. Payal says that when this video goes viral her name will be ruined. She will become a saint here. Bindiya says that she would have used this early if her intentions is to ruin her image. Payal argues with her and demands her to find a way then. Bindiya didn’t allow her to use the jewels. She asks her to get ready in the morning. She will handle it.

Meanwhile, Krishna receives a phone call. He assures him that he will reach there at the right time. Later, Bindiya gets money from the financier. She received the amount. Payal asks her not to trust them that they will show a favour in return. She won’t leave Krishna for it. Bindiya says that she isn’t a fool to believe them. She is helping them for the family’s sake. While Krish calls Payal, she declines his call. Krish asks Sakshi if she saw Payal? She tells him that Bindiya is also not at home. They always stay together. Later, Payal received the location. Indhu asks Krish to eat slowly. He tells her that he received a phone call from Chopra. Today is a court hearing. Indhu says that it’s a good thing. Baldev asks him about Bindiya. He tells him that he doesn’t know. Who is she to him? He doesn’t care about her whereabouts. Indhu asks him not to worry about her. Krishna receives a message and rushes out of the house. Payal says to Bindiya that the blackmailer is calling her.

The blackmailer asks Payal to follow his instructions and reach the spot. Bindiya notices Krishna and takes another route. Payal asks her if she is playing a double game with her? Bindiya asks her if she wants to ask her the same. How did Krishna come here? She gets agitated seeing him. Bindiya asks her how he reached there. The blackmailer asks them why they took the wrong route. He threatens to release the video. Bindiya says that she will reach there in a few minutes. Bindiya asks Payal to take Krishna from there. She will give the money to the blackmailer and return home. She manages to convince Payal. Payal hugged her and thanked her for supporting them. Bindiya gets emotional. Payal walks away from there. Bindiya buys a red balloon. He takes her from there. Bindiya is shocked to see the blackmailer attacking a person. She gets scared. She collided with that stranger. She falls on him. She adjusted herself. The blackmailer keeps a close watch on them.

The blackmailer welcomes Bindiya. He shows the video to her. Is this your phone? She asks him to turn off the video. He asks her to give the money to him. She collected the phone and ran from there.

Episode end

Precap; Chopra accused Bindiya as a characterless in the court.

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