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Episode starts with Krishna sitting beside Bindiya. As she feels pain while turning on the other side, Krishna gets up to put hot compress on her wound. He sees that that hot compress has cooled down so he asks Bindiya how to do it here. Bindiya directs him how to light the coal gas and he does accordingly.Krishna ends up dirtying his face while lighting the gas so she laughs. Baldev tells Indu that he has full faith in Ambe Ma and is very sure that everything will be okay soon. Payal tries to listen to Baldev and Indu from outside their room but ends up pushing the door and falling on the ground. They see her and get shocked.

Krishna feeds Bindiya. She asks him to take the first bite himself. Krishna recalls the moments when he insulted her previously and didn’t even let her have food together. He looks disturbed so Bindiya asks what’s bothering him. He says that he has done a lot of things in life but has never been this confused ever. He is torn between his mind and heart. He asks Bindiya if she has killed their child. She says that she is happy that he is still confused if she did this and doesn’t believe it yet. Regarding his conflict among his heart and mind she says that he must wait till the moment both his heart and mind say the same thing.

Baldev and Indu barb Payal for trying to listen to them secretly. She says that she came to apologise to them. As she asks if they got any news of Krishna, Indu remains silent and gets her out of their room and closes the door on her face. Krishna makes Bindiya sleep and sits beside her all night. Next morning, Bindiya wakes up and sees Krishna wearing a dhoti and vest so she asks how did he wear it. Krishna says that someone taught him once and he has learnt it well.

Bindiya asks him if she can take a shower too. Krishna tells her that she can’t do it since Vaidji has strictly asked her not to take a shower. Since she says that she is feeling uneasy this way, he takes her out and covers the area with a cloth. Then he gives her a sponge bath himself. All this while Bindiya recalls the moments that she spent well with Krishna.An IT expert comes and checks the cctv footage but says that nothing has been recorded since someone must have switched off the recording.

Payal comes and creates a scene. She says that when Krishna and Bindiya are missing since last night, all they are worried about is the footage. Indu says that they are more worried for them than her. Baldev says that they are at a famous Vaid’s place in Lucknow. Payal would come to their place and see Krishna putting vermilion on Bindiya’s mang.

Precap : Payal would be seen locking herself in her room and a gunshot would be heard from outside.

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