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Episode starts with Bindiya switching on her mobile. Her lawyer asks Bindiya to hurry up and reach the court as early as possible since Chopra has kept a special hearing. She tries Payal’s number but she doesn’t answer. She decides to reach the court first. Krishna arrives late for the hearing with Payal. Chopra says that he is going to publish such evidence that would prove that Bindiya has forcefully bound Krishna in this marriage. He gives some photos to the Magistrate. She sees the photos carefully while Krishna asks Chopra what is happening and what is being given to the Magistrate. Bindiya’s lawyer asks the Magistrate about the evidence. She hands over the photos to the lawyer. Bindiya is shocked to see the photos of her and another man that look like they have an affair. Krishna is also shocked to see these photos while Payal and Chopra smirks. 

Bindiya feels ashamed and asks what kind of photos are these. Chopra says that this is the real picture of Bindiya. The people at the court start talking about Bindiya and shaming her. The pictures were taken when Bindiya went to take back Payal’s mobile from the thieves. Baldev calls Krishna and Bindiya but they don’t answer due to the session. Everyone at the Shukla house wonders what’s happening at the court. Baldev and Pankaj leave for the court. Mr.Chopra says that there might be more love for Bindiya . Bindiya tells the magistrate that these pictures are all fake. Chopra says that Bindiya’s plan is to grab Krishna’s property. 

Bindiya’s lawyer says that nothing would happen with these false allegations. Chopra asks her why she paid five lakh rupees to her old lover. Bindiya says that this is all fake and she will tell the Magistrate the reality behind this fake story. Chopra says that now only  his evidence would speak. Baldev and Pankaj arrive at the court and join the hearing. Chopra asks permission to present his alibi. The man in the photos arrives. Chopra asks the man to say everything. He says that Bindiya and he have a very old relationship but he doesn’t know why she asked him to go far away. He says that since Bindiya told her all this he broke from inside. He shows the bad with five lakh rupees and says that he doesn’t need this money but Bindiya. 

Bindiya’s lawyer asks her what’s all this and why didn’t she say anything to him. He says that now he has to stand for herself to win this case. Bindiya tells that she met a goon who asked five lakh rupees from Payal and that time she ran into this man. Payal gets up and asks her to not drag her into this case. Episode ends. 

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