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Colours’ Tv show Suhaagan is going to telecast a romantic scene after a long time. Krishna will want Bindiya romantically, and will ask the help of Nidhi, so they could spend their first romantic night more perfectly. Nidhi will be excited when she will be planning her brother’s suhaagrat.

In the latest episode, Krishna feels disturbed since Bindiya is not coming closer to him.Indu suddenly notices and understands that he is doing well. On asking of Indu, Krishna tells her out that Bindiya has not been giving him the concentration. Indu suprises and promises she will find out a solution very soon.

She calls Bindiya to her and blesses her. Finally, Indu announces that she has accepted Bindiya as her own daughter in law. Indu continues that she wants to handovers all the responsibility of the Shukla house to Bindiya.

The latter gets surprised and shocked and asks Bindiya to take care of this house and Krishna. Bringing the extra politeness in the voice, Bindiya returns the main key to Indu. She thinks that Indu should keep the power in her own hands.

In the next episode, Krishna and Bindiya will spend their first night together. In the morning, Bindiya will open up her wish that she promised God if she gets back her husband, she will offer Puja to Mahadev. Later, they will head out towards the temple to offer Puja but Amma will notice something ominous before leaving.

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes.

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