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Colours’ Tv show Suhaagan is going to telecast a dramatic situation in Shukla house. Krishna would be seen asking for forgiveness from Bindiya. He will request Bindiya to accept him back in her life, but Bindiya will firmly refuses it. He will open his heart to Bindiya and will request her to come back in his life. But Bindiya will reject him again. Krishna will realise the importance of Bindiya in his own life.

In the latest episode, Payal requests Krishna to apologise everyone and asks him to withdraw the proposal which he gave her. Payal manipulates him to announce that whatever he did was out of his control. When Baldev and Amma both request Krishna to speak out his own heart in his sense, Payal justifies the action of Krishna, but Krishna admits whatever he told is true. She becomes vexed and blames Amma who has spoilt the bonding of Payal Krishna. Payal feels disgusted as Krishna doesn’t follow his words, she also raises her voice against the elders.

Krishna begs Bindiya for some time but she doesn’t want to talk with him anymore. Though Krishna pretends to be sympathetic, but her heart doesn’t melt with his words. She couldn’t able to process that her beloved misunderstood her motif and showed her abhorrence.

In the next episode, Krishna will give a examination of his feelings and will decide to walk on the fire. Bindiya will request her husband to stop this game. Krishna will be exhausted and he will be immediately hugged by Bindiya.

Would Bindiya accept the request of Krishna?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes.

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