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Colours’ Tv show Suhaagan is going to telecast a dramatic situation in Shukla house. Krishna would be seen asking for forgiveness from Bindiya. He will request Bindiya to accept him back in her life, but Bindiya will firmly refuses it. Krishna will give a examination of his feelings and will decide to walk on the fire. Bindiya will request her husband to stop this game. Krishna will be exhausted and he will be immediately hugged by Bindiya.

In the latest episode, Krishna repeatedly walks on the fire. Bindiya also stands in the fire, saying that she can’t see him like this, and she forces him to come out of it. Bindiya asks him to stop his nonsensical talk. She then urges him to go with her to aid his wounds.

Bindiya shares with Amma, Baldev, and Samay that Krishna is indeed feeling bad for his earlier behaviour towards her, so she decides to forgive him and also fight for her love. Krishna is wondering why he is always thinking about Bindiya instead of being with Payal. He then decides to tell Bindiya that whatever he has told her in his intoxicated state, the other nights are true.

In the next episode, the lawyers will ask both Krishna and Bindiya to sign the divorce papers. Krishna will say ladies first, so Bindiya will decide to sign the divorce paper’s.

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes.

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