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Colours’ Tv show Suhaagan is going to focus on Bindiya will dig the truth sooner or later. Krishna and Bindiya will come to know that Shakhi and Payal are behind the all the conspiration. They intentionally build up a misunderstanding between Krishna and Bindiya for their own sake.

In the latest episode, Krishna notices is that Bindya has been sleeping peacefully. Her peaceful face makes Krishna very angry and he tries to wake her up. Payal suggests him to kill her so that all their problem will be solved. She ties up the hands and legs of Bindiya so that she couldn’t able to run anywhere else and throws some inflammable oil on her.

Krishna is insisted to lighten up the fire so that Bindiya will be burnt alive. When Payal leaves the house, Krishna gets confirmed that Payal is the true culprit behind all these conspiracies. Actually, Krishna has already come to know the hypocrisy of Payal.

In the next episode, Payal will file a report to Bindiya that she has kidnapped Dadi for a long time. Birju will pretend to arrest Bindiya knowing well that Bindiya is completely innocent.

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes.

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