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Colours’ Tv show Suhaagan is going to telecast a dramatic situation in Shukla house. Samay and Krishna unveil the logo together in their party. Baldev says that the goal is the Nation’s progress and if it becomes successful then they would open food parks in different corners of the country.

In the latest episode, the party goes on in the Shukla house. Bindiya and Samay join the investors. Krishna decides to stop Bindiya from dancing with Samay and gets drunk. She realises that Krishna isn’t in control, so she takes him away from there. She also scolds him for being drunk. Krishna complains about the dance of Bindiya and Samay without taking their names, so Payal takes him to the stage to dance with him. Krishna addresses Payal as Bindiya, which leads Payal to shout at him.
Payal brings Bindiya in front of a drunk Krishna, and then she shouts at Krishna, saying that she will hate her face if he thinks she is Payal.

In the next episode, Krishna will request Bindiya to accept him back in her life, but Bindiya will firmly refuses it. He will open his heart to Bindiya and will request her to come back in his life. But Bindiya will reject him again. Krishna will realise the importance of Bindiya in his own life.

Would Bindiya accept the request of Krishna?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes.

So, yes, keep watching Suhaagan for more interesting updates and keep following this space for more updates on your favourite shows.