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The episode starts with Anu saying to Karthick that Sundari’s mom is admitted to the hospital. She wishes to meet her often to motivate her. Karthick says that he isn’t denying it. She shouldn’t travel often during pregnancy. Anu tells him that she will manage it. Anu says to Mallika that Sundari is a good person, like Valli. Let’s do something. Mallika assures Anu that she will hire a specialist to cure her. Anu says that Sundari’s husband is the reason for Valli’s state. He was a criminal. He said to Valli that Sundari was infertile. That is why she had lost her voice.

Mallika asks her, Is it true? Anu says that reports say like that. But he shouldn’t have revealed the truth to Valli. She won’t leave him if he comes in front of her. Anu says that she wants to find the truth. She adds that Shankar says to her that she may give birth to twins. If she gives birth to twins, as he said, let’s give one child to Sundari. Mallika asks her not to take any decisions emotionally. Mallika says to her, let’s consult another doctor. Anu says that she doesn’t believe her husband. She will take Sundari to another doctor to check. She will prove that he lied to her. Karthick was shocked to hear it.

Sundari gives medicine to Valli. Valli requests Sundari to discharge her. She wanted to go home. Sundari says to her that the doctor didn’t say anything to her about the discharge. She is waiting for the results. Valli is stubborn about returning home. Sundari says that she isn’t alright yet. She has lost her voice. How would she survive without a voice? Valli says that she is able to understand what she is saying to her through sign language. It’s enough for her. Sundari asks her not to be stubborn. Krishna asks them why they are crying like that. Sundari narrates everything to him. Valli says that she isn’t feeling comfortable here. She will feel comfortable at home. Krishna supports her decision. Sundari says to him that she can’t make a decision on this. She needs the doctor’s permission to do it.

Valli tries to leave from there. Sundari stops her and convinces her. Krishna asks her to talk with the doctor about her discharge. Sundari assures her. Later, Anu says to Karthick that she informed Valli about the new specialist. Karthick asks her not to get stress. She shouldn’t take responsibility. Anu says that Sundari did many things for her. Though she misunderstands her. She wants to do something for her in return. Karthick thinks that he lied to her to protect him. But that lie turned against him now.

Anu says to Karthick that Sundari not only takes care of her but also her office. She started taking a proper rest after she joined the office. Karthick says that Sundari is just a staff member. Anu says that he didn’t treat her like a normal staff member. He used to help his family a lot. She won’t blame him for it. She deserves it all. Karthick says that he isn’t able to understand her character. She hated her a few days before, but she is supporting her blindly now. She says to him that she misunderstood her these many days. Karthick asks her to help Sundari with money. Anu tells her that Murugan has more than enough money. He is ready to sacrifice his life for her. She needs their support now. Karthick assures her to help Sundari and leaves.

Meanwhile, Subbu notices that Karthick is angry. He tries to escape from the situation. Karthick informs him that Valli saw him with Anu. She has lost her after he revealed to her that Sundari was infertile. Even Anu is not ready to believe it. Karthick reveals to him that he gave a fake report to Sundari. He escaped from everything using that lie. He wishes to prove his lies as true. He asks him to find a medicine which makes Sundari infertile in real life. Subbu tells him that it’s a sin. He shouldn’t betray Sundari, who supported him. Karthick says that Anu and his baby are important to him.


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