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The episode starts with Sundari sharing with Krishna that she can’t see anything. Her vision is blurred. Krishna tells her that she is under stress. That’s why she has blurred vision. Sundari asks him if she has come out of major surgery. Her brain needs rest. She wants to take a rest and continue her studies. Sundari shares with him that she has many chapters to finish. What if she fails to achieve her dream? She fears that she will lose her vision. Krishna assures Sundari that she will be alright asap. Even blind people cracked in the IAS examination. He motivates her to prepare for her exam after taking a rest. Everything will be alright. He sends her from there. Later, Palani is doing his decoration work. Neighbour asks him,” when did he start his business again”? Palani mocks at him. Arun arrived there along with his friends. Arun starts a conversation with a neighbour to tease Palani.

Arun shares with Palani that he pretended to be supporting him and backstabs him at last. Palani says to him clearly that it’s all past. Arun warns him that he won’t let him poke his head in his matter. Because of Palani, his marriage stopped. Arun shares with his friends that Malini’s nuptial changing function is gonna take place in two days. They will arrange decorative work like that. Ghilli complaints that Krishna married Malini at the last moment. He adds that he isn’t able to see her leading a happy life with him. Arun tells him that the nuptial might change because Krishna tied it. She will wear the nuptial chain he ties to her neck. Palani overheard it. Later, Murugan inquired Lakshmi what girls mostly prefer to eat during their pregnancy period?

Lakshmi shares with him their struggles and favourite dishes. Murugan was surprised to hear it. Sundari teases him that he shouldn’t give birth to another child. That’s why he wasn’t aware of it all. Lakshmi pretends to be angry with Sundari for teasing her. Selvi supported her. Lakshmi says to Murugan that Malini’s married now. She needed time to get pregnant. Why is he worrying about it all? Murugan shares with her that he asked from Anu because she is pregnant now. Lakshmi tells him that she is the third person. Murugan shares with her that Anu supports Sundari in her hard times. Mallika stands by her and supports her. He advised her to treat Anu as one of their family members.

Murugan shares with Lakshmi that Anu is a good girl. They might treat her well during her pregnancy. Murugan asks Sundari,” Didn’t he say right? Sundari adds that he is always right. He won’t take any decisions in a rush. Selvi says that Sundari will never leave his side. Lakshmi complaints that he has also joined her. Lakshmi pretends to be angry with them. Selvi teased Lakshmi along with Murugan. Murugan leaves from there. Later, Palani calls Sundari to alert her.

Sundari talks with him uninterested. Palani asks her why she is ignoring him? Sundari complaints to him that Kumar stole her necklace. Doesn’t he steal it with his knowledge? Palani denied it, reasoning he hadn’t contacted him yet. Palani alerts her that Arun is messing up with him again. He adds that Arun is trying to create problems in Malini’s nuptial chain by changing functions. Sundari asks him to keep an eye on him. Palani assured her. Palani gets shocked to see Arun there. Arun complained that he had stopped his wedding. Now he is planning to do it again. He warned him to stay away from his matters. Ghilli asks him to kidnap him. Arun denies that he is not worth kidnapping him. He challenged him to stop him. He will definitely marry Malini this time.

Episode end