The episode starts with Krishna saying to Malini that Sundari won’t pass her exam if she helps her. Malini is not able to help with her studies. Sundari won’t accept her help either. Malini complaints that he is mocking her. He is trying to prove that she is not brilliant. Krishna manages the situation there. He calls her to go jogging. Malini tells him she will prepare for Sundari’s exam. Krishna tells her that Sundari will manage it. Stop stressing yourself. Later, Mani is reading the newspaper. He notices GK news in it. He informs Sidharth that GK is a famous doctor in the US. He has returned to India now. He wished to talk with him about Sundari.

Mani adds that he is a sincere person. He always gives importance to his profession. He hopes that he will accept Sundari’s case. He won’t reject this case. Sidharth tells him that he is going to meet Sundari to give notes to her. Mani alerts him that he shouldn’t give any hope to Sundari until he meets him. Mani assures him. Meanwhile, Mani meets GK and shares with him about Sundari’s case. He adds that Sundari is preparing for her IAS exam. She went to do her surgery but the doctor said there was only a 50-50 chance for her. Her video got viral so no one came forward to take her case.

GK says to Mani that he heard about that video. But he hasn’t watched it yet. He asks him to take her to Adharva hospital. He wanted to check her first. According to him, results are important to him. He will talk with the management about it. Mani asks him to help her. GK says that he is able to understand his situation but management wants to take the decision on it. He doesn’t run his own hospital. He will try his best to convince him. Mani thanked him for considering him. Meanwhile, Sidharth helps Sundari to study. Malini complaints that she doesn’t understand anything. Appatha says to her that she is going to write what Sundari is saying to her. Why is she taking stress on her head? Krishna says that Sundari needs a decade to pass her exam if Malini supports her.

Appatha tests Malini’s brilliance. She says a few proverbs to Malini and asks her to explain them. Malini gives the wrong answer to it. Sundari smiles when hearing it. Appatha explains the correct meaning of it. Appatha adds that they are studying about the Indian constitution. Malini has no idea about it. Appatha mocks her for behaving like a child. Malini makes faces and leaves from there. Krishna goes behind her to convince her. Sidharth helps Sundari to study. Meanwhile, Selvi inquires Shankar. What happened to him? He lies to her like nothing. Selvi tells him that she knew him better than anyone. He worries about Sundari’s future. He regrets arranging Sundari’s wedding with her son. He thinks that he ruined Sundari’s life. But Sundari supports him. They are helpless in this matter. Karthick isn’t returning home. He is always staying with Anu. He had crossed all his limits. Murugan comes there. Selvi notices him. Murugan asks her why she stopped their conversation seeing him. Shankar tells him that the priest asked him to do the pariharam in the temple. Murugan assures him that he will do it. He adds that the priest clearly said Karthick wanted to do it. Murugan assures him that Karthick will definitely do it. Mani comes there and shares the happy news with everyone.

Episode end