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The episode starts with Palani dialing to Lakshmi. She asks him to stop calling her often. She fears to get caught. Palani apologize to her for troubling her. He informs her that Arun and Ghilli were in Kodaikanal. Lakshmi gets shocked to hear it. She thinks that Arun isn’t ready to leave her family to live in peace. She curses Arun. Kumar blabbered to her that they were almost caught in Arun’s hand. Palani tells her that they escaped from him. Lakshmi asks them to he careful and disconnects the call. Murugan hears it and got furious. Meanwhile, Anu shares with Karthick that it’s too cold here. Kartick asks her to take rest in room then. Anu tells him that she isn’t here to sleep in room. She spent money to enjoy here. She suggests him to eat snacks and hot tea in this cold weather. Karthick tries to praise her in poetry. Anu stops him. Kartick makes faces.

Later, Sundari and her friends visits resturant. Sidharth and Sundari leaves to wash their hands leaving Malini and Krishna alone. Krishna flirting with Malini. Karthick takes Anu to the same resturant. Krishna notices them and fears to get caught. Anu notices them and wishes to greet them. Karthick denies it. Anu is adamant to meet them. Anu asks Krishna why are they here? Krishna blabbered to her in fear. Malini informs her that they came here for their honeymoon trip. Anu praises their idea. Krishna blabbered that only Krishna and Malini came here. Anu says that only couples will enjoy honeymoon trip. Anu sits with them surprised them. Anu says that Krishna didn’t informed them about his trip. Krishna says that he didn’t shared it with anyone about it. Malini notices Sundari’s phone there.

Sundari and Sidharth comes out after washing their hand. They gets shocked to see Anu there. Sidharth advises her to don’t go there. Sundari informs him that her mobile is there. She fears that Anu will notice it. She doesn’t want to create new problems. Later, Lakshmi calls Murugan to take lunch. She doubts where is him? She searched for Murugan everywhere in home. She gets nervous when she isn’t able to find him. She noticed that his slippers and car was not there. Lakshmi calls Palani in tension. She informs him that Murugan is missing in home. Palani tells her may be he went to shop. Lakshmi says to him that he won’t leave without informing her. She put the phone in speaker when she talked with him. She doubts that he may be heard their conversation. He advises her to inform Sundari about it. Lakshmi calls her in tension. Palani alerts Kumar about it.

Malini and Krishna gets tensed seeing Sundari’s phone ringing there. Anu notices the phone and tells him that Lakshmi calling. Krishna blabbered to Anu. Anu asks him to attend the phone. Krishna attends the phone. Lakshmi demands him to give the phone to Sundari asap. Krishna excuses them and leaves from there. Anu inquires Malini what happened to him? She lies to her that she argued with him. Krishna gives the phone to Sundari. Lakshmi informs her that Arun and Ghilli were in Kodaikanal. She asks her to be careful. She adds that Murugan is missing in home. She reveals that Arun stabbed him with poison knife. Sundari gets shocked to hear it. Sundari assures her that she will take care of it. Sundari advises Krishna to reach to resort asap she will narrate everything to him there. Meanwhile, Murugan goes to Kodaikanal. Ghilli suggests him to kidnap Sundari without anyone knowledge. Arun appreciates his idea.

Episode end