Shaheer’s elegant performance makes millions of heart to skip their beat.

Hot and sexy; Shaheer Sheikh is one of the most eligible bachelor to drool over. He is crush of all but girls go weaker when Shaheer sets the screen on fire with his romantic scenes.

In the span of 10 years of his journey on ITV; actor never failed to amaze his fans with his top notch performances. We all love him in mythological characters (Warrior Arjun or Prince Salim) and we equally adore Shaheer in fictional characters ( Anant, Dev or Abir). But we get extra mesmerized seeing Shaheer Sheikh’s ‘romantic shade’. Be it mythological or fictional; Sheikh’s romantic andaz makes us to fall for him more.

Actor has shared the screen space with 4 or more ITV beauties but his Jodi was praised more with sexy actress Erica Fernandes and pretty actress Rhea Sharma.

Show Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi; starring Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes in the lead have a separate fan base. As Dev and Sonakshi; Shaheer and Erica became one of the best ITV Jodi’s of ITV. The duos on-screen chemistry were perfect and sizzling off-course. Dev and Sonakshi stopped the screen with their absolute togetherness.

But Shaheer and Rhea’s Jodi is ITV’s current obsession. Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma’s equation in show ‘Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’ as Abir and Mishti is endearing. Both looks adorable together and what more we can add when Shaheer and Rhea already won the best On-Screen Jodi award in Gold Awards 2019.

For us Shaheer can nail with any actress as he is an absolute performer. But we would like to know from you which actress opposite to Shaheer Sheikh is your favorite? Erica Fernandes or Rhea Sharma- shoot your answers in the comment section below.

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