Surbhi Chandna is well known as Dr. Ishani of Sanjivani 2. She is a very talented.  Surbhi has always grown not only as a actor on reel but also as a human on real. There are many reasons why Surbhi is not just a diva but much more.

She has won many awards for her acting skills and for being diva she is.

Surbhi is very known for her acting as Anika in Ishqbaaz. Her fans loved her role, which was fun loving and amazing.

This actress started her career in a role in Qubool Hai as a deaf and mute person. She did the role with so much elegance. She used her expressions in a brilliant way. She took the challenge in the begining of the career that’s what makes her different from other actors.

Surbhi is a very confident person. By just talking to her and reading her body language one can know how much she works on herself. She focuses on her growth. This actress has a lot of dedication towards her career. She is a very intellectual person. Even after having so many qualities , the best part is she is very down to earth.               

Surbhi is great with other celebrities. She has a good rapo with her co-stars, like- she is a very good friend of her ishqbaaz co-star Nakul Mehta( who played Shivay). She is friends with actors from other shows like- she is close friends with Shivangi Joshi.

For an actor, fans play a very important role. Surbhi makes sure her fans always feel like they are close to her. She keeps her fans connected to her through all kinds of social media. Fans feel more connected to her and hence support her.

We wish Surbhi a best wishes for all her future achievments. We hope she achieves greater success.
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