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The show begins in Kadarkal’s island. Tribes are busy in building shelter for them. New task alarm comes. Tribes goes near it to check what’s it? Vijayalakshmi from Kadarkal, Nandha from Vedarkal’s team are reading the new information from survivor. Information says, Those who adjusting with the circumstances and wins over the tough situation are the real survivor. Never give up person is the strong contestant here. If their journey wanna stay long here then they wanna find out the weakest one in their team. They can discuss about it with the team and they can nominate the weakest one. Important rule is Leader shouldn’t participate in this nomination process but they can join in the team discussion. Tribes shouts that leader is safe. Indraja says that they added fuel in the fire and makes fun with the team.

Gayathri says that she felt relieve after reading it reasoning she has no idea whether she is in their mind or not? She says to them that she is safe this time but she wanna share her opinion with them. Vijayalakshmi question Indraja who is weakest here? She replies to her she has no idea at all. She tells her that it’s easy for her to nominate. Vijayalakshmi tells her soon there will be a discussion about it. Indraja replies chances are there.

In Vedarkal’s Island. Lakshmi shares to camera that it’s tough to nominate one person as the weakest. They didn’t have enough time to understand each one here how will she choose someone and judge them as weakest in one week? Amzath says to Lakshmi that Srushti is comparing to all weakest in his point of view. It will be better for her if she leave reasoning she is suffering a lot here. Lakshmi agrees with his point. Amzath shares to camera that he thought like Srushti’s life style won’t change this show. Comparing to others this show is not important to her. Many needs this show to change their life.

Parvathy shares to camera that many persons don’t like her at all especially gents reasoning her attitude and out spoken habit . Amzath complaints to Narayanan that he was having tough time to blow off the air to lighten the wood. Parvathy comes there and blew it her good time wood caught fire. She takes the credits and looking down on him. She is not at all thinking it as group work. Amzath says to him that she is thinking being a woman is quality. It’s not a matter here she wanna prove herself. Vijayalakshmi and Gayathri are discussing with each other about the weakest contestant according to their point of view. Gayathri mentions Indraja reasoning she didn’t performed well in last task. She is helping a lot in cooking. Vijayalakshmi agrees with her point and mentions Ram as weakest one reasoning he is listening to their orders apart from this he has no quality of becoming a leader. Ram shares to camera that Vijayalakshmi is always crying thinking about her son. He writes her name and put it in the pot. After her one by one finishes their nomination process.

In Vedarkal’s team Aishwarya is sharing her point of view to Parvathy. She says to camera that she may laughing infront of her but their intention is different. They are thinking she is physically and mentally are weakest but she is strong itself. Lakshmi shares to camera that one secret advantage scroll came for her. She reads the scroll it’s saying she can take one important thing from opposite tribe if she wins in the upcoming three reward challenge. She shares it with Aishwarya. Vikranth and Umapathy are arranging the woods. Umapathy questions them who are they gonna nominate. Saran and Vikranth mentions Gayathri’s name reasoning she is only ordering but not helping them at all. They mentions that Indraja doing her best with her weight. They mentions Ram as the weakest person reasoning he has no clarity in his words. He is lying to safe himself. One by one they are doing their nomination process.

Lakshmi says to camera that they are getting ready for the immunity challenge on that time Arjun sir send a scroll to them. He asks the leaders to meet him personally. They leaves to meet him. Arjun welcomes both team leaders. He enquires to both leaders and asks them to share about their tribes. Lakshmi shares to him they somehow set the shelter and got fire too. They cooked the food in fire and doing well with the team. They are quite comfortable and maintain the unity. Gayathri says to Arjun that day 1 they ate united. They set the shelter too still roof is not fitted yet. They too cooked the food. Arjun indirectly says to them that they wanna choose one weakest person to eliminate from this show giving one example of horse story. Gayathri says to him that she don’t wanna lose the person from her tribes. Lakshmi says that goal is important but she wanna see how much they can perform in this show. Arjun says it’s the competition to select the best one from the team they have no other option then this. He asks Gayathri to write the weakest person name here. After her he asks Lakshmi to do the same. Lakshmi says to camera that she thought for her team and done it. She never think what they are gonna do with her vote.

Other tribes to reaches there in boat. Arjun welcomes the team. He says to them its the day to challenge their talent and test their emotions. He enquires to the Kadarkal’s to share their experience. Vijayalakshmi says to him its quite better now. She started feeling it’s like her home now. Ram says to him that he saw one big snake there even he showed it to his team members too. Arjun asks Vikranth to share about his experience. He shares to him in funny way that he scared to death. Arjun enquires Indraja to say which one life story impressed her? She tells to him everyone has separate story and all are inspiring one. Arjun asks Vedarkal to say the same. They mentions Besant story. Arjun questions him what day is today? He tells him its his 20th wedding anniversary day. Arjun wishes for him. He allows him to share a message to his wife. Besant gives one emotional and romantic message to his wife.

Arjun says to all its time to get serious. He gonna read the weakest person names from nomination list. He starts with Kadarkal team. First vote goes to Indraja, second goes to Indraja. Third and fourth and fifth votes goes to Ram. Last two votes also goes to Ram. Arjun questions Ram why did everyone chose him as the weakest person? He answers to him that he needs time to mingle with all. If they encourage him he will do it. Ram cries and shares to him that he can’t able to handle the negativity. He asks Indraja to share her cute.

First, second vote goes to Parvathy, third, fourth, fifth vote goes to Srushti Srishti. 6th and 7th votes goes to Parvathy again. Arjun asks to Parvathy to share her point of view. She shares to him that she done well in the task. She complaints that she is a out spoken person that’s why they can’t able to adjust with them. Amzath deny this and says she is giving opinion to everything. Arjun asks the same to Srushti. She answers to him that it’s their point of view.

Arjun says to then there is a twist in this task. Everyone votes won’t count in this time. There is two Tribe’s leaders for them. Those two leaders nominated persons gonna eliminate from this show. He reads Laksmi’s nomination. She votes for Srushti. Lakshmi hugs her, Arjun saved Parvathy from nomination. Arjun asks Srushti share her opinion. She just smiles to him. He reads Kadarkal’s nomination list. He reads Indraja’s name. She shares to him that she may looks weakest to her point of view. She says to him that she disappointed her parents. Both Indraja and Srushti bids bye to the team and leaves from there in boat. Arjun demands Gayathri to share why did she mentioned Indraja’s name in it. Gayathri says to him that she took this name purely based on task. She is mentally strong but physically she is not. Arjun says that she was physically strong. He says to the team Better they should survive to be survivor.

Finally both Indraja and Srushti reaches to new island. There was hut for them. They collects the scroll for them. The game is not over yet.

Episode end.

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