Today’s episode starts with Harak puts Vedant on gun point. Saumya interrupts. Vedant ran away. Harak chases Vedant but he somehow manages to run away. Harak accuses Saumya and yells at her for always supporting wrong people. He further asks Saumya to never step into his house again. Vedant callsRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Rohan and Soham saying they will never leave Heer’s hand. Saumya gets happy. Harak ask them to say bye to him too before leaving. Mahi taunts Preeto and Preeto gives a befitted reply to Mahi. Saumya recalls Harak’s word and thinks till Rohan is with Heer,Read More →

Harshad Chopda is a name that today needs no introduction on Indian Television. Harshad has made a mark only by his sheer hard work and talent without any promotional or controversial gimmicks. His career has seen many ups and downs and yet he stands tall after all of them. InRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Saumya crying seeing Heer. Saumya says she is glad she remembers her words. Harak comes and informs Preeto about Heer. Rohan and Soham hug Heer. Saumya ask Rohan and Soham how they left Heer. Soham tell to Saumya what all happened at the market. Saumya asksRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Rohan and Soham calling out for Preeto. Soham informs Preeto that tomorrow there is fancy dress competition in the school. Saumya ask who will become what. Rohan says he will become police, Soham says he will become goon. Saumya ask what Heer wants to become? HeerRead More →

Jodi’s in Indian soaps are the attraction. Today with each new show we are getting first time pairing. So, here we have listed 10 on-screen couples who is making us to ship for them. Check them out below and tell us who among the following is melting your hearts. TheseRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Harak saying except Preeto and Saumya, someon else will take Heer’s responsibility . Harak asks Mahi to change Heer’s clothes. Preeto ask Mahi to change Heer’s clothes. Harak ask Mahi to take the responsibility of Heer from now. Mahi nods Yes. Mahi changes Heer’s clothes. HeerRead More →

Starring Meera Deosthale and Namish Taneja in the lead, Mahesh Pandey ‘Vidya’ premiered on 9th September 2019. View this post on Instagram #Vidya aa rahi aap sabhi ko angrezi sikhane. Aap taiyyar hai na? 9 September se Mon-Fri shaam 7 baje, sirf #Colors par. @meera.deosthale A post shared by ColorsRead More →