In the latest episode, Pooja follows the ambulance which has her mother but a truck blocks her way. The truck driver informs Chopra about the accomplished mission. Pooja searches all around but loses the truck..She calls Amma and informs about it. She asks her to reach hospital.Chopra celebrates with RanjeetRead More →

As the latest episode of “Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna” starts, we see Pooja accusing Kabir for intentionally ruining her fashion show. She additionally rebukes him for letting Dhruv escape when he kidnapped Pooja. Chopra smirks watching Kabir and Pooja fall in his set trap.   Pooja says that Kabir andRead More →

Pooja’s kidnapping drama in on in “Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna.” A tied Pooja realizes that its Dhruva who has kidnapped her and can’t believe how low can he get. Dhruv warns her that he will stab her. He gets a call from Kabir and he returns home. At home, KabirRead More →

Suman tackles a drunken Sheuv and warns him to mebd his ways. Kabir concludes tgat Dhruv must not have kidnapped Pooja. While spotting Jay and Shonali leaving the house all tensed and scared he questions Jay. Jay lies and leaves instead.At Pooja’s home Rani claims that Chanda is leaking informationRead More →

Pooja and Kabir get stuck in the lift after if malfunctions. Pooja asks Kabir to use his contacts to get them out of the lift. Chopra is gloating about how unpredictable Pooja is that even after manipulating her mind she took Kabir. Chopra asks Ranjit about what happened to hisRead More →

Ek Bhram- Sarvagun Sampanna” is high on consignment drama these days. In the show till now we saw that Dhruv stabs Pooja with scissors. Later though he realizes that he is hallucinating. While listening to Dadaji’s stories Jay gets a call from someone and says he will finish his work.Read More →