Indian Television has surely given us few most unforgettable couples of all time. These couples crackling chemistry and romantic scenes stay in our hearts forever and we really wish to watch them again and again. Though the couples give us many   astounding romantic scenes but the consummation scene among theRead More →

Jennifer Winget’s Maya Mehrotra is one of the most deadliest characters to ever grace Indian TV on screen. She is fierce, ruthless and the face of torture. There is nothing Maya can’t do and there is nothing you can do against Maya’s wishes. We are penning down few deadly scenesRead More →

Jennifer Winget has won everyone’s heart with her top notch performances in her shows. The stunning diva is on talk nowadays because of her upcoming new project “Beyhadh 2”. Actress keeps on updating her fans and followers with the BTS from Beyhadh2. And without any doubt diva is delivering aRead More →

Beyhadh2’ might be one of the most anticipated TV shows of all time. The prequel to this had audiences craving for more and it took Jennifer Winget to an all new height with her acting abilities soaring with the show. After a lot of speculations, ‘Beyhadh 2’ came up withRead More →

Beyhadh is grabbing every day since with the announcement of its coming back with season 2. Ashish Chowdhry is the new entrant in in this season. Yesterday, he took to twitter to announce his decision to be a part of the show.  #Beyhadh2 is now turf. It’s made so muchRead More →

Shiving Narang was considering to go into Bigg Boss 13 house before opting for Sony TV’s Beyhadh 2 opposite Jennifer Winget. Just ShowBiz had small tete-a-tete with Shivin for him on board, his reason not to choose Bigg Boss and about his co-star.  Excerpts: Why u agree for Beyhadh 2?Read More →

‘Beyhadh’ was a cult show and the person who made Beyhadh a cult was Jennifer Winget’s Maya Mehrotra. Maya was obsessive, perfectionist and someone with immense physcopath tendencies.She was someone who stopped at nothing. She gained everything she wanted by hook or by crook. Everything about her was limitless. SheRead More →

Jennifer Winget with 8 million Instagram followers and almost 2 million Twitter followers is probably is ons of the most successful TV actresses in Indian television. Due to her high viewership, she is also one of the most highest paid actresses on TV. Early Career Jennifer started her career atRead More →

Jodi’s in Indian soaps are the attraction. Today with each new show we are getting first time pairing. So, here we have listed 10 on-screen couples who is making us to ship for them. Check them out below and tell us who among the following is melting your hearts. TheseRead More →