Today’s episode starts with Preeto saying once Vedant will be caught every drama will get over. Saumya thinks she will go to any extreme to protect Heer from Vedant. Harak’s friends advise him to throw Saumya out from the house.  Saumya overhears their talk. Harak tells to his friend thatRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Heer, Rohan and Soham purchasing balloons. Vedant disguise veiled woman and runs away with Heer pushing away Preeto and Rohan. Mallika orders her gang to rescue Heer from Vedant.  A man from the crowd rips the veil and Vedant gets unveiled in front of everyone. HeRead More →

 Episode starts with Mallika explains to Saumya that the way Soham misbehaved with Kinnars in future after learning Heer’s identity he will react in the same way. Saumya worries and further says to Mallika that she will teach Soham not to differentiate between peoples. Soham runs and Rohan and HeerRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Rohan and Soham saying they will never leave Heer’s hand. Saumya gets happy. Harak ask them to say bye to him too before leaving. Mahi taunts Preeto and Preeto gives a befitted reply to Mahi. Saumya recalls Harak’s word and thinks till Rohan is with Heer,Read More →

Today’s episode starts with Chameli asking Heer where she is going at night. Heer says she is going to Gulabo’s house. Chameli says she will take her to Gulabo’s house. She gets a call from Malika.  Mallika ask Chameli did she got Heer. Chameli recalls Mallika’s words. Saumya prays forRead More →

Today’s episode starts with Harak comes to the dinning table and ask Raavi to serve the food. Heer comes running to Harak and hugs him. She tells to the family that Saumya was making her to run. Harak scolds saumya and calls out Preeto. He asks Preeto to make SaumyaRead More →

Today’s episode of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki opens up with 5 years leap with Saumya praying in front of God. Saumya asks God to give her strength to always protect Heer. Otherside, Preeto and Harak dances on the occasion of Heer’s 5th birthday. Harak asks where is Heer, PreetoRead More →