Today’s episode opens with Harman seeing Saumya and Vedant in wedding attire. He recalls his wedding moments with Saumya. He goes to hit Vedant Saumya stops him. Saumya says he can’t hit Vedant as he is her husband now. Harman asks her to stop this nonsense. Vedant says they marriesRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Veeran telling Harak that they can’t afford the amount claimed by the other company. Preeto asks Harak to borrow money from other person. Harak says he won’t ask money from others. Raavi calls and says to Saumya that Harak is helpless to arrange the money. HarmanRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Saumya coming to the Singh house and gets shocked seeing Police taking Harman with them. She asks why Police is arresting Harman. Preeto stops Saumya and accuses her. Harak and Preeto go behind the police. Saumya too runs. Lawyer tells them that some company claimed onRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Saumya coming back to home. Roma asked what happened to her. Saumya goes to her room. Mallika goes to check. Roma stops Kareena from going inside. Saumya hugs Mallika and cries. She says her decision to become Trans-genders leader was wrong. She tells Mallika about theRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Harman asking Vedant to tell why he lied to all. Vedant excuses himself and goes. He turns back and tells his sad story to all. He praises how Tarana helped him to bring happiness in his life and says so he is celebrating his birthday today.Read More →

Today’s episode opens with Harman saying he don’t know to sing and leaves the place. Vedant ask Saumya to sing and stop him. Tarana sings a song for Harman. Harman stops outside the room and the duo recalls the flashback. Vedant wickedly smiles. Harman gets emotional hearing her. Harman drinksRead More →

Today’s episode opens with mallika talking to Saumya and making her understanding to clear the misunderstanding with Harman. Kareena calls to Preeto and tells her about Mallika and Saumya talks. Preeto thinks of something. Kareena tries to wake up Saumya. Mallika stops her. Saumya wakes up and says she willRead More →

Today’s episode opens with Vedant asking Tarana did Harman liked the shirt or not. Tarana lied to him. Vedant thinks now he will throw Harman from his and her life. Vedant dreams of dancing with Saumya romantically on udi udi song. Tarana brings medicine for Vedant. Vedant says he wantsRead More →

Vedant gets to know about Harman and Saumya’s relation and decides to break their bond. Colors TV show Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is witnessing high voltage drama with Vedant realizing that he needs Tarana in his life. Vedant wants to avenge Harman after he had dragged him at theRead More →