The episode starts with Suman asking the wedding planner that the media houses got the invitation for tomorrow’s event or not? Muniya comes to Suman with a cup of coffee and said why don’t you have a conversation with Sonakshi mam regarding the nuptial night issue as she doesn’t knowRead More →

The way today’s episode will going to turn out, it gives an impression of last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum. Why? Because looks like finally,  fairytale of Ronakshi is getting their deserved happy ending. Though, there are certain obstacles still to be resolved but for now they are together. Read More →

As the viewers have already witnessed through latest promo that Raima panicked as she learns the truth of Ronakshi’s relationship. She left home and later found by Sumit. In the meanwhile, everyone is searching for her. Sonakshi discovers her and calls Rohit. She asks him to talk to her aloneRead More →

In coming episode, Rohit gains back the trust which was shaken after Raima got in between. Sonakshi was not thinking straight that Rohit is a doctor and human too. It’s too much to bear for him in one night especially when he has to take care of terminally ill ex.Read More →