ITV two hottie: Shaheer and Mohsin will soon share the same frame. Actor Shaheer Sheikh has recently shared a monochromatic picture of his on his social media account with a caption “A surprise for #yehrishta family.. #yehrishteyhainpyaarke #yehrishtakyakehlatahai @starplus @directorskutproduction @khan_mohsinkhan”.  Mohsin and Shaheer’s look in the picture is setting the new definition of ‘sexy’ without anyRead More →

They say dancers can be wonderful actors because they have the power to express their feelings. TV has seen some of these dancers turning into beautiful actors reaching some top height channelling their interpretation of their characters on screen. Let’s have a look at some of these actors who areRead More →

Kartik’s growing insecurity will soon change many things amid Kaira. View this post on Instagram Couples disagree, but sometimes your loved one’s reaction can take you by surprise. Kartik or Naira, who do you think is right here? #YehRishtaKyaKehlataHai, Mon-Fri at 9:30pm on StarPlus and also on Hotstar – More →

Twists are lifeline of the shows. A twist plays a vital role in forwarding the story and at the same time it spices up the tale. A viewer too curiously watches the show that has some high voltage twists to know what will happen next. Thus, here we have listedRead More →

As the Indian TV industry offers a variety of shows aired on different channels and belong to different genres of Drama, the competition (where the viewers are the members of the jury) becomes harder, however when taking a deep look, 5 shows could mesmerize the viewers and capture their hearts.Read More →